2018 World Cup predictions

Italy - Sweden free betting tips and predictions 13.11.2017
Italy - Sweden free betting tips and predictions 13.11.2017

Europe: World cup – Qualification stage – Final (2nd match)

Match start: 20:45 (GMT+1)

The return leg of qualification play-off for the World Cup 2018 will be held in Italy where...

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Europe: World Cup – Qualifiers – Final (2nd match)

Match start: 18:00 (GMT+1)

The first meeting of this pair has ended with the minimal away victory of Switzerland (by the way,...

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Denmark - Ireland free betting tips and predictions 11.11.2017

Europe: World Cup – Qualifiers – Final (1st match)

Match start: 21:45 (GMT+1)

Denmark and Ireland will determine what team is worth participation at the forthcoming World Cup Russia 2018. Both...

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Sweden - Italy free betting tips and predictions 10.11.2017

Europe: World Cup – qualifiers - final (1st match)

Match start: 21:45 (GMT+1)

One of the most interesting pairs at the stage of play-off to the World Cup 2018...

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Northern Ireland- Switzerland free betting tips and predictions 09.11.2017

EUROPE: World Cup – Qualifiers – Final (1st match)

Match start: 21:45 (GMT+1)

Having lost to Portugal during the last qualifier, Switzerland had doomed itself on difficult battle with obstinate and strong-willed...

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World Cup 2018 predictions

An amazing event is waiting for all football fans, sports fans and patriots in 2018. For the first time in the history Russia will host the World Cup. The tournament is organized also for the first time on the territory of former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe from June, the 14th till July the 15th, 2018. It is expected that a great number of fans from all over the world will come to Russia that is why serious security measures are planned. Sport competition should take the center stage but not the political battle. Bookmakers also look forward the final part of the tournament. The fans are making a huge number of bets using the money line and “on-line” option. For successful betting it is necessary to bear in mind a lot of factors: readiness of the teams, the condition of the leaders, the latest teams’ news, results of the qualifiers and also the peculiarities of the championship itself.

World Cup 2018 Format

The matches of the tournament will be held at 12 stadiums in 11 cities. The geography is rather wide: Moscow, Sochi, St-Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Volgograd, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Saransk, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg. The majority of the cities have necessary sport arenas but they need reconstruction badly. Also very active building of new sport objects which meet all international requirements is in progress.

The final part of the tournament will host 32 national teams (8 groups with 4 teams in each). The teams which will take the first and the second places in their quartets reach the 1/8 finals. This stage matches will be held from 30th of June till 3rd of July. On the 6th and 7th of July the ¼ finals will be held and on the 10th and 11th of July – semifinals. The main match of this championship will be held at “Luzhniki” on the 15th of July. The day before the final match the teams which stop in one footstep away from the final match will fight for the 3rd place.

2018 World Cup predictions

World Cup 2018 betting

Bookmakers began to accept bets on the championship even some years before its beginning. Without knowing the final squads of the teams it is very hard to come to any conclusion but it is possible to bet on “sweet” odds which for sure will be changed by the tournament start. Actually, almost at every international tournament one and the same national teams which are capable of demonstrating good results are chosen to be the favorites.

Bookmakers propose to practice betting on a huge number of outcomes as the World Cup attracts a real army of football fans and the clients of bookmakers. It is possible to bet on a definite match, group result, promotion of the team to play off stage or the championship outcome. Also the bets that are put on the best goal scorer of the tournament are accepted but it is hard to determine this football player. Theoretically, the football player whose national team will move further on the tournament net has greater chances to become the main goal scorer. However even at the group stage the football player can score goals regularly and his result can be left unbroken.

The “standard” outcome bets, totals and handicaps on the matches are accepted. A great variety of statistical bets options (corners, yellow cards), on the authors of scored goals, the probability of sending-off or penalty kicks is proposed. The number of proposed betting outcomes differs from bookmaker to bookmaker. But the majority of bookmakers are trying to cover the maximum possible options, propose different bonuses and run promotions in order to attract the clients.

How to make bets on World Cup 2018 in Russia

The betting on important international tournaments has several peculiarities. According to definite options they differ from the betting on matches of national championships and other competitions. For example, the most important criterion for bettors will be the low probability of fixed matches. The precedents had happened when the teams were suspected in unsporting conduct but real evidences were not presented. The outcome and the possibility to show what you are is of great importance during such football shows. Reputation of the native country for many football players is not comparable with money for a fixed match.

At the same time the matches that sometimes are played at the championship have unpredictable character. Even an underdog who had managed to build an adequate defense and acted actively during the counterattacks is able to win over the favorite. The game of many underdogs attracts more fans than the pragmatic game of the favorites. Bright and emotional national teams which are able to fight for the every piece of the football field simply make the audience fall in love with them. That is why it is useless to pay attention only on the bookmakers’ odds. It is advisable to look through several matches of the teams and only after doing so you can decide about kinds of bets.

The large number of cities hosting the matches of the championship propose different climatic zone. Some teams easily tune themselves to the climate and are ready to demonstrate their best qualities while others undergo great difficulties. The game at home arena is easier for some national teams not only due to climatic conditions but also due to fans support. Only the national team of Russia will play at home arena and for the rest of the teams the matches will be held at neutral fields.

The teams will meet only one time (except the group matches and play off with one opponent) that is why the analysis can be complicated. For example, within the Champions League the clubs are playing two matches and that is why it is able to presuppose how will the opponents act bearing in mind the outcome of the first meeting. While you practice World Cup betting you have to analyze the physical form of the team and the matches against practically equal by experience opponents.

The packed schedule of matches really keeps the sportsmen up but it also accumulates the tiredness. If the national team is lacking in substitutes who are able to strengthen the team it would be difficult to gain the success. The coach may rely only on core team and in case of injury or unpredictable match it won’t be possible to change anything. No matter how good the training is the sportsmen get tired and this leads to decrease in efficiency and the loss of concentration.

The football players don’t have to search any additional motivation as the performance at the World Cup for many is considered to be the top of the career. It is necessary to demonstrate the best qualities here in order to prove the level. Young football players receive a chance to show themselves and attract the grand clubs. The presence of the title of World Cup Champion really rises the probability to continue their career in nominal “Real”, “Barcelona”, “Bayern”, “Juventus”, “Chelsea” and other top clubs.

World Cup 2018 predictions and betting

Every international tournament hosts some national teams which are considered to be the favorites (Germany, Argentina, Brazil, France, Spain, Italy) and the forthcoming championship is not an exception.

The current World Cup Champion – the national team from Germany – the bookmakers consider to be the main challenger for winning the trophy. The Bundesteam had accustomed all the football fans to the fact that it is performing stably during all competitions that it is taking part in. The success formula is the great mutual understanding between the football players, the great performance state, discipline and focus on the results. The large number of top football players is playing not only in first team but as substitute as well. Joachim Löw can change the game pattern depending on the opponent without the sacrificing the quality.

Argentinian national team is hungry of victories and is also the powerful force. The team had lost several finals of Copa America and also lost the important match during the last FIFA World Cup. The great importance has the physical form of Messi as a lot depends on him in Barcelona and national team. Lionel will try to help his team to break unsuccessful series and top-class partners will support their leader. A lot of fans are very sceptical concerning the footballer talent as he didn’t manage to gain a success with the national team.

Brazil is the repeated World Cup Champion. The football players have great experience in participating at the largest tournaments and represent the top football clubs. The coach has a great choice of participants and is able to prepare several equal squads. The leader of the team is Neymar who is also dreaming of gaining the sacred trophy. He doesn’t lose his goalscoring talent but this season he is working more for team.

French football players didn’t forget their offensive defeat at Euro 2016 where they lost the final against the Portuguese. The football players of the first team are having their best season and young players are ready to move on the higher level. Particular representatives of the French clubs really did all the best at Euro Cups and that is why it is a high time to demonstrate their professionalism at international arena.

“The golden years” of Spanish national team became the history and the last World Cup vividly demonstrated this fact. Even some years ago “the red Fury” didn’t have any rivals in Europe and in the whole world but now it is undergoing the change of generation. The squad has top class football players but is it ready to become a real team?

Situation of Italian national team is similar with the Spanish one. During the last Euro the team had manage to surprise a lot of people with very good football however the squad was not ideal. There are a lot of talented young football players who can become the foundation of renewed national team.

The tournament favorites will use their best football players who are healthy and demonstrate perfect physical fit. During every match the battle will be held up to the last minute that is why carelessness and slackness will surely lead to defeat. The rivals have top class players who are acting up to the end and are ready to realize every opportunity to score.

Actually we expect a great number of bets made on every match of the World Cup and the limits for them are rather huge. The number of new clients of the bookmakers before the tournament usually rises and that is why bookmakers are trying to propose for bets a lot of outcomes. Within the month the bettors are able to watch the great football and the game of best football players of the world and practice betting. Due to the shortness of the tournament and holding only one time in four years it is not possible to refer to the World Cups as the tool of earning money. But to bet on interesting outcomes is possible in order to rise the interest towards football competitions however fans will surely take part in real football show even without thinking about profit.

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