Asian handicap betting

Asian handicap betting

Among all types of bets the most popular is Asian handicap betting which is a subtype of a handicap bet, and it has gained such popularity that has deserved its own name and separate, thorough investigation.

In general understanding, handicap bet serves for equalizing chances and adding fuel to the fire in such sport events where the outcome is predetermined –the favourite and the underdog are quite clear. And now let us clear out the question – what the asian handicap is?

To make it clear – asian handicap is a set of two simple handicap bets.

Having even little understanding about the Asian handicap you can practice it. There are a lot of Internet resources that will simplify the bettor’s life. You can use ready-to-use charts of asian handicaps or you can try to calculate them yourself. Among pleasant advantages of asian handicap we should mention rather low profit margin for bookmaker as opposed to more traditional bet types.

This type of bet can be presented by different variations: asian handicap 1 (rather standard bet), asian handicap 5.5 (could be only in case of huge overbalance for one competitor) and even asian handicap 0. The last type means that in case of draw the bet would be returned, in case of win – the bet will win and in case of loss – the bet is considered to be lost as in common bet types. It may seem that this bet does not differ from total bet, but it is not true. In this case you are insured against the draw match result. Such bet should be made if you believe that your team will win, but you are not sure that the score lead would be big.

Also one more important advantage would be the practicing of asian handicap for matches for which you know for sure that your favourite will win and more than that you predict lopsided score. In this case you will have the possibility to earn good money in case your prediction would come true. For example, in football a lot of bettors wager on score 5:0, 7:0 etc for dead rubbers. So, it can be the last match in series between teams. One of them has already gone through and the other one for sure “goes home”. Moreover, the difference in game character of teams is noticeable with the unaided eye. Under that logic, it would be the lopsided score, wouldn’t it? In reality very often the favourite runs even the second team on the field and the win could be not as great as it might appear at the first sight. You should bear in mind these nuances as their combination could change radically your match interpretation and your bet on this match.

The fresh bettor may consider the asian handicap to be rather complicated, but if you took some time, everything becomes clear. Very soon you will add the asian handicap to your bettor’s tools and it will become just wonderful and important bet.
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