Cash bonus

Cash bonus

The wish of betting companies to curry favour with new clients is so strong, that new and new ways of attracting the bettors regularly appear. The fierce competition between betting companies work towards different campaigns hold by bookmakers and some pleasant bonuses and privileges, for example, for sport bets – sign-up bonuses. Sometimes such bonuses may lead to free bets that are given after meeting definite terms, that are made by bookmakers. Sometimes bookmaker proposes betting bonuses and fresh bettors love them!

Usually such bonuses from bookmakers are in form of certain, additional sum of money, put on a bettor account when the bettor is making the deposit. It could be the percent of sum of money put on account or fixed sum. Everything depends on the bookmaker that gives such sport betting bonus. In order to illustrate how it works, let us look at one example. The bettor tops up his account in amount of 100$ on bookmaker’s site and then 100% is added and the bettor can bet on 200$. This is called betting bonus. You must admit, that it is a pleasant beginning of mutual collaboration. Such sign-up bonuses have a lot of restrictions as for using them. It is necessary to highlight that bonus money can’t be withdrawn, but you can only bet them on any sport event. But the gained profit always goes to the bettor’s pocket.

Bookmakers with no-deposit bonuses are much more attractive for bettors then their competitors who are not able or just do not want to give such bonuses and privileges to thier clients.

Nevertheless, it should be mentioned, that even sigh-up bonuses are still popular, famous and widely used, a lot of bookmakers step by step are giving up on these bonuses. The fact is, that no deposit sport bonuses influence on lovers of freebies like bees on honey. However, when bettors realize, that they can’t make money on these bonuses and only few become the clients of the bookmaker and continue to play. It turns out, that bookmakers artificially build their clients database using the accounts which will simply “die” after short period.

And yet, for fresh bettors it would be better, of course, to bear in mind the factor of availability of sign-up bonuses while choosing “their own” bookmaker, as at the beginning, they widen the borders and enable the bettor to explore the world of bets bravely.