Corner betting strategy

The bookmakers are trying to propose their clients the services of the highest possible level. The money line and action line are constantly widened in order the clients have an opportunity to make bets on different markets. It is impossible to impress with the football match outcome betting or on scored goals total and that is why it is necessary to offer new opportunities. One of the option are the bets made on statistical data, corners, yellow cards, penalty shots, possible disqualifications and other bets. A lot of bettors are practicing corner betting as in some matches it is much easier to predict their number than any other events.

Different types of corner betting

Depending on bookmaker office the possibility of corner betting differs greatly but in the majority of cases the following variants are proposed:

  • total corners bettingand individual total;
  • victory on corners;
  • handicap;
  • what half will contain the biggest number of corners;
  • what team will pass the definite number of corners;
  • who will pass another corner;
  • other markets.

Some clients of bookmakers prefer to bet prior to the beginning of the match but it is more profitable to bet “in live”. While watching the match, the bettor is able to evaluate the forces of the teams as for the current moment, their desire to score a goal and the game style.

Peculiarities of corner betting

Bookmakers calculate the bets only after receiving official information about the number of corners during a definite match. For example for the market “First corner” it is necessary to define the team that will be the first team to pass the corner; “More corners” – you should define what team will win by the corners; “The number of corners” – you should find out whether the number of corners will be more or less than it was proposed.

You should pay attention on the forces of the teams prior making a bet. If the level of teams differs you can use Total Over on corners. It will be wise to choose individual total on a favorite. Also, don’t forget about motivation and mood. If the team needs victory it will be attacking and earning corners. In case of forthcoming Champions League’s games or important Derby the favorite can spare its forces. Also the number of corners depends on the gaming style: strong wing halfbacks can dictate the fight to defenders and this fight often finishes with corners. But if the game is built through active playmaker in the center, in this case the corners won’t be the strongest weapon of the team.

There exist an opinion that it is hard to prove that the corners can lead to fixed matches between poor teams. The number of corners doesn’t change the situation on the field that is why it is easy to hide the fixed character of the match. The participants of the match can bet via 3rd parties on the number of corners and earn good sum of money. Such moments are hidden but we can’t deny their existence. Not only amateurs but also career bettors who are building their own strategies for increasing the passability of bets are using corners.

 The best corner betting strategy

The best corner betting strategy

There exist some situations in the game of a favorite and unclear underdog when stronger team opens the score and then it slows down or gives the initiative to an opponent. Smart game of defense and the middle line allow sometimes gaining the results without additional attempts.

Career bettors propose to bet on a victory of an underdog according to corners. If an underdog is going to fight then to win back one or two matches is quite possible. Especially when the club is playing at home field and the fans are stimulating the team. It is very difficult to tear well-organized defense line and that is why corners are the real chance to open the score.

There are other corner betting strategies that can be also very effective. For example, during some tournament the teams prefer to use more often the wings and passes into the rival’s penalty area. The classical example is the English championships of different levels. When the team is losing with a minimum score or with a small goal difference and is actively trying to score a goal than over corners betting at the end of the match can also be very profitable. Absolutely different situation occurs when the team is losing with a big score and doesn’t have any intentions to win back any goals. Such situation is perfectly seen in Live.

But you have to estimate the forces of the opponents accurately as not every team is able to dictate the fight to the opponent. The presence of solid forwards or defenders in a starting line-up who are good at headers can become the reason of earning the maximum number of corners. Quick and technical wings are widening the defense line of rival and the defenders experience constant pressure and create corners. If the team has experts in far distance shots or the strategy of a team is built in such a way that it attacks from a distant point, than the corners are frequent. In a rainy day corners are very serious weapon as the pathway of a shot can be unpredictable and the ball is so slippery that the goal keeper can hold it in his hands. The goal keeper can’t always hold the ball and ricochets are very frequent.

Best betting site for corners

A lot of popular bookmakers propose corner betting for bettors. The width of a line depends on bookmaker. But it is not wise to choose the bookmaker only because of corners betting. It is also important to pay attention on bookmaker’s reliability, comfortable deposit/withdrawal methods and other factors. The users who are already registered in one bookmaker can get acquainted with the variants offered by the bookmaker. If your bookmaker doesn’t propose necessary markets it is possible to find appropriate bookmaker at our website by clicking the following section top of bookmakers.

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