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Italy Serie A predictions

Italy Serie A predictions

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Italy Serie A predictions

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Italy Serie A predictions

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Italy Serie A predictions

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Italy Serie A predictions

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Italian Series A at the moment is the fourth on its status football
championship in Europe. Despite its importance the Italian club
football is experiencing now hard times as it has given palm of
victory to the German, Spanish and English clubs, constantly being at
a disadvantage on Euro stadiums. Home championship became less
popular among the fans: it is hard to enjoy now the filled stadiums
even at matches with participation of grandees. And we still remember
the times when the Italian clubs were the strongest in Europe.

A at the beginning of the 21st
century was considered to be one of the strongest and richest leagues
in the world, the Italian clubs were regularly gaining the success in
Europe and stars preferred to go to Italy, but not England.
Everything changed from the middle of 2000 when troublous
times came to the Championship of Italy that led to continuous
decrease in League’s level.

are a lot of reasons. These are scandals with fixed matches that had
strongly influenced on the image of the championship and frightened
off potential sponsors, and old fashioned infrastructure giving in
German Bundesliga and France Ligue 1, empty stadiums, and an economic crisis. We
can continue this list but the main problem will be the same – lack
of money and without money it is difficult now to invite stars and to
create the strong championship.

Juventus 2016 Gambling&Sports

this money in Series A appeared only recently that gives a hope for
returning of the Italian League on previous level. Well, money… So
far only Milan clubs have got money as they were bought by the
Chinese billionaires. But renewal of the titled Milan and Inter is
already a shift and if to add Roma and Napoli that are also
demonstrating some progress and also steadily prospering Juventus
then we will receive rather interesting championship. Don’t forget
about Fiorentina and Lazio.

the best teams of the Italian Series A are the hosts of huge stadiums
which as it was already told, quite often stay semi-vacant.

the way, grandees from Milan and Roma are unique clubs which share
stadiums among themselves. Usually all world grandees have their own
stadiums. This is one more characteristic feature of the Italian club
football. Series A and especially the lowest Leagues have a lot of
similar “neighbors”. Similar practice allows clubs to save
on the maintenance of stadiums, sharing all expenses for two, and
even for three owners.

more problem that has shattered the Italian club football today is
Calciopoli- a scandal of fixed matches in Series A. This case was
called in honor of the former president of Juventus and it lasted for
many years. But in 2006 everything ended with the sanctions that were
inflicted on the leading Italian clubs. Besides, corruption scandal
imposed a black spot on reputation of the Italian football and we
still see some consequences even today.

resulted in following decisions:

• Milan
– removal of 8 points, one game without fans;

• Fiorentina
– removal of 15 points, ban from Euro cups for season 2006/2007;

• Lazio
– removal of 3 points, two games without fans, ban from Euro cups for
season 2006/2007.

scandal will allow Inter Milan to dominate wholly in the Italian
football for four years and to demonstrate the strongest series of
victories in its history. Milan and Lazio still can’t recover
completely from scandal and restore their former leading positions.
And as we see, Juventus has won on this scandal. The club was
reorganized, got rid of most of the veterans who weren’t bringing
any benefit and after five years’ reorganization returned on the
leading positions.

fans have left the idols after scandal and haven’t forgiven that
scandal. And clubs got off with the punishment easily as thanks to
appeal claims sanction for clubs were reduced very quickly. All fans
remember those, sacred for them, idols who were creating the history
of the Italian football last century and began to hate corrupt
officials who blurred the reputation of clubs.

the Italian football had enough significant people. Here are
champions on scored goals and the played matches in Series A.

by the number of played matches:

  • Javier
    Zanetti – 615;
  • Gianluca
    Pagliuca – 592;
  • Dino
    Zoff – 570;
  • Pietro
    Vierchowod – 562;
  • Francesco
    Totti – 560;
  • Roberto
    Mancini – 541;
  • Silvio
    Piola – 537;
  • Enrico
    Albertosi – 532;
  • Giovanni
    Rivera – 527.

Francesco Totti

goal scorers

  • Francesco
    Totti – 235;
  • Gunnar
    Nordahl – 225;
  • José
    Altafini – 216;
  • Giuseppe
    Meazza – 216;
  • Roberto
    Baggio – 205;
  • Antonio
    Di Natale – 193;
  • Kurt
    Hamrin – 190;
  • Giuseppe
    Signori – 188;
  • Alessandro
    Del Piero – 188.

Italian Series A as one of the leading and most famous championships
in the world enjoys wide popularity among the football betting fans.
It is all about a brand of the Italian championship. It has lot of
constancy which can bring huge money to the players who know these

of the Italian Series A 2017/2018

following 20 teams will take part in the 86th season of the Italian
championship which have started on the 19th of August:

  • Atalanta;
  • Benevento;
  • Bologna;
  • Cagliari;
  • Chievo;
  • Crotone;
  • Fiorentina;
  • Genoa;
  • Verona;
  • Inter;
  • Juventus;
  • Lazio;
  • Milan;
  • Napoli;
  • Roma;
  • Sampdoria;
  • Sassuolo;
  • SPAL;
  • Torino;
  • Udinese.

comparison with last season Empoli, Pescara and Palermo are not
present this season as they have flown into Series B but some teams
will substitute them: Verona which came back after year, the debutant
Benevento and SPAL that hasn’t been playing in Series A for 49

transfers of the Championship of Italy in summer 2017th


you don’t think about the transfer work of Milan (next subsection
will be devoted to this football club) then the Italian clubs behaved
themselves very shy at the transfer market though all grandees have
made several important purchases. We will note the most important

  • Mohamed
    Salah – from Roma to Liverpool for €42 million.
  • Daniel
    Alves – from Juventus to PSG as free agent.
  • Federico
    Bernardeschi – from Fiorentina to Juventus for €40 million.
  • Antonio
    Rüdiger – from Roma to Chelsea for €35 million.
  • Douglas
    Costa – from Bayern to Jyventus as loan player.
  • Matías
    Vecino – from Fiorentina to Inter for €24 million.
  • Leandro
    Paredes – from Roma to Zenit for €23 million.
  • Milan
    Škriniar – from Sampdoria to Inter for €23 million.
  • Dalbert
    – from Nice to Inter for €20 million.
  • Nikola
    Maksimović – from Torino to Napoli for €20 million.
  • Wojciech
    Tomasz – from Arsenal to Juventus for € 12 million.

Italy Serie A predictions

Serie A predictions.

and underdogs of the Championship of Italy 17/18

years in a row Juventus becomes the champion of Italy and we doubt
that something will prevent it from getting the 7th
trophy. This season the main opponent of Juventus is considered to be
Napoli – the team is well played, stable, progressing, and headed
by Mauricio Sarri for long time. Though it is hard to tell that
Napoli is a good rival difference in a class is noticeable. Little
can prevent the football club from Turin to win the seventh Scudetto
in a row. And may be next season the new champion will appear.

is growing but they need time. Roma received the new coach Di
Francesco who had managed to create an interesting project in
Sassuolo and has to achieve the same success in Rome. There is still
Inter which is headed by Spalletti. So fight for the future title
will be serious and in this season we will witness serious battle for
places in the Champions League between Roma, Napoli, Milan and Inter.

there are four berths in Italy to the Champions League: one by all
means will be taken by Juventus, and three will shared among
above-mentioned teams. Who will become odd is difficult to predict.

Italy league predictions. Favorites
and underdogs of the Championship of Italy 17/18

season the Bosnian Edin Džeko
whose 29 goals have helped Roma to take the second place in final
standings. Then goes Dries Mertens from Napoli with 28 goals and the
third was the forward from Torino Andrea Belotti – 26 goals.

to bookmakers, this season the highest chances to become the top
scorer has Gonzalo Higuaín.

is really the favorite of a goal-scorers race in Series A but not as
obvious as can seem. Each of the listed above players can score more
than others but we recommend to risk and bet on André Silva. So, why

stereotypes in the Italian League

flows, everything changes including football. Football is dynamic and
that is why we love it. But some people live in the past that is why
some stereotypes appear. If we speak about Series A, then it is
possible to name three solid stereotypes of players concerning
betting on the Championship of Italy:

Series A is full of fixed matches. Suspicious matches really exist
but where they don’t occur? They are everywhere such is our
reality. Times of Calciopoli have gone.

Low scoring results. The era of great Italian defenders has ended
with the retirement of Maldini and Nesta. Now they score a lot in
Series A. Last season the Championship of Italy became the most
resultstive among top European Leagues.

Juventus always wins. No team can win constantly including Juventus.
It is not clever to bet blindly on victories of the football club
from Turin with the coefficients. Betting against Juve is much more

live in the past, don’t stuff you the head with stereotypes, enjoy
Series A and earn on betting by means of predictions italy football
predictions by Gambling&Sports for the Italian Football