Intuition at sport betting

earn on betting is not an easy task. You don’t have to win every
time to benefit at the end but still you need to guess a good deal of
times. To do this you’ll need several things: wide knowledge of
sport, an ability to analyze statistics data and discipline. But the
majority of bettors prefer to use their intuition.

can become a powerful tool

can lead to right direction when you are deciding on what to bet. We
are sure, that you have a lot of examples of winnings due to the
instinctive guesses. If the best bettors ignore sometimes what
analysis “is telling” them and listen only to their intuition.

this is a scientific approach but this works. Some people have
unschooled talent in predicting sport events – the bettor call it
‘feeling”. But the bettor, who follows only his intuition, is
making a serious mistake. It is important to recognize potential
problems while taking decisions that are base only with the help of

with intuition

trust problem in your intuition is that very often we remember the
winnings. If you make a winning bet according to your inner voice,
you remember this for a long period of time. Of, course, you remember
also moments when you decided not to trust in your instincts and lose
your profit.

most bettors don’t want to remember the losses. Very often people
overestimate their intuition. They do believe that they possess unschooled
talent. This explains the fact, why so many people follow their
feelings without any reasonable causes. They point at their profit
and ignore losses.

can you do with intuition

tells us that intuition should be used less or shouldn’t be used at
all while taking decisions. We can note that intuition is opposite to
rational and well-balanced decision and that is why you should avoid
it, but not to comply with it.

we don’t have only one right way of making a bet. But when we deal
with intuition, the piece of advice is simple. It is not wise to
ignore it totally or to fully rely on it. Remember that intuition is
growing from experience that is accumulated at the unconscious level,
so don’t neglect it.