Why did Barcelona bring shame on itself in Paris.

17 February 2017

On Tuesday the stage of 1/8 finals has started and it was marked by a match that made all agape with wonder: PSG has absolutely destroyed Barcelona. The final score 4:0 vividly demonstrated what was happening at the field. Portal Gambling and Sports has made an attempt to think through it.

Why did Barcelona bring shame on itself in Paris.

The defeat of Barcelona should not surprise anyone. Firstly, the Catalans are not as good as usual this season. Secondly, the rival was also very serious. Although PSG is “playing with a limp” this season, it still is a stacked team, that is able to take the wind out of sails at home arena. Nevertheless, nobody expected that the final score would be 4:0. And that isn’t just an unlucky train of events; Barcelona didn’t have any early bath or injuries of both goalkeepers. Barcelona has been justly punished by PSG. PSG had awakened Barcelona to a sense of helplessness. The feeling that Alaves has experienced during the recent match against Barcelona.

How to play against Barcelona style all knew better in word than in deed. PSG didn’t give the Catalans even a small piece of the field, even a second for reflection. The football players from the French club gave it all, they did all possible to win. Indeed, PSG has played its best match for the last few years and it would be very difficult to repeat. The Catalans have made 31 attempts to dispose an opponent of the ball. PSG has successfully disposed its rival 31 times! This is the most illustrative statistic factor. The Frenchmen were disposing the ball at average once every three minutes. The triple Matuidi, Rabiot and Verratti have done this 11 times. But they can’t beat Meunier - the Belgian has 8! Of course, Barcelona has made 578 passes and 510 were accurate passes. And only three of them were sharp.

I repeat again – PSG has played its best match for the last seasons. If the club continues to show such results, PSG will win the Champions League. But it is hard to believe that the team will be able to keep on track for a long time.

If you go back to the history of success of Barcelona, you will find out that team never has the plan B. That is, if not to mention an attempt to replace Pique to attack by the end of unsuccessful matches. When Barcelona was failing to do something, it always reacted by one and the same way – to take the ball, to drive the rivals into their penalty area and push. And now it became clear that the Catalons are not always able to act as they were used to but they have no plan B.

In fact, there is only two ways: to change the style or to change the football players. In is hard to believe in first way, but the second one is extremely expensive. The team needs new right guard and at least one new central midfielder. Of course, money is not a problem for Barcelona. The problem is to find a necessary football player. It is not so very serious with a guard, but the midfielder... Marco Verratti seems to fit perfectly, but PSG is not ready to say him “goodbye”. Who else? Miralem Pjanić? Juventus is not ready to sell the player either. Koke and Saul Niguez from Atletico jump to mind. But they both would be very expensive.

The main theme that has been discussed since early Wednesday is the future of Luis Enrique . His contract will expire in summer and that real smash done by PSG is hinting at the idea that there is no need to continue. He became, in some sense, the prisoner of this situation. The former player, the coach who began in cantera - he resembles Josep Guardiola. But Guardiola is one in a million and any clone, any coach who would work using his molds would lose. Luis Enrique has won the Champions League having proved that he also is a strong coach. He just didn’t bring anything new. Now Barcelona needs a new start. Is Enrique capable of it? It is highly unlikely...

Whom to replace Enrique? This problem is much more difficult than search for a new central midfielder. Mass media has mentioned the names of Jorge Sampaoli, Ernesto Valverde and someone else, but no one from them seems to be ideal. Ideal candidate is never found, simply there is someone who fits more. It is hard to find the better coach that will suit to the philosophy of Barcelona. But maybe it is a high time to change it?

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