Who scores more? The list of the highest scoring defenders of today’s football

13 March 2017

Perhaps, in the childhood they had a dream to become the forwards, but it happened quite different. But, despite this, being professional defenders, they all manage to score goals regularly and that many forwards will really envy them. It is the top list of the most goalscoring defenders of today’s football who are playing in the leading Leagues of Europe.

Who scores more? The list of the highest scoring defenders of today’s football

5. Daniel Alves, 33 years.

46 goals / 150 assists. He has scored for: Sevilla, Barcelona, Juventus, Brazilian national team.

Perhaps, he is the strongest right back of today’s football. Its perfect game in attack never gave an occasion to doubt in defensive qualities of the Brazilian. It is a fine example of an ideal combination of defensive and attacking skills necessary for the modern fullback. Alves scored the majority of the goals from open play, supporting the attack from the wing and rushing into the penalty area of the opponent, and also long range shots. He was even more useful as the assistant, the number of 150 assists can be envied by any midfielder. Even Andrés Iniesta hadn’t scored so many goals for years in Barcelon. The Brazilian has no frankly goal periods or the periods when the situation with scored goals was frankly poor. During his career, Alves is scoring no more than 4 goals season after season. The main thing is that he is stable.

Daniel Alves, 33 years.

4. Branislav Ivanović, 33.

53 goals / 45 assists. He has scored for: Lokomotiv, Chelsea, Serbia national football team.

The Serbian defender was always a strong weapon of Chelsea attack, and is perfect in heading. The longest part of his career he was playing on the right flank that allowed him to create and realize scoring chances. If necessary Branislav was playing also as the central defender that didn't allow him to be so regularly at opponent’s gates. But in case of a corner – in penalty area he always was the first player and practically the most dangerous one. The ability to fight for an air ball and to replay any opponent had allowed the Serbian to score more than 50 goals in his career. The season which was the most prominent in this plan became the season 2012/13 when during all tournaments Ivanović has shined 10 times, including a winning goal in the European League final match.

3. Naldo, 34 years.

58 heads / 21 assists. He has scored for: "Werder", Wolfsburg, Schalke.

Nearly two meters of height, flexibility and powerfully build body are the wonderful features for the central defender of the goal-scorer whose presence in others penalty area causes problems to any opponent. But Naldo is strong not only with his head. Having spent the whole career in Bundesliga, he has accustomed the German audience to the penalty shots from any distance which even Manuel Neuer isn't able to resist as it happened recently during the matches of the championship. During his most goalscoring season he has managed to score 13 goals in all tournaments (2009/2010). About 60 goals for his career is very solid index but he didn’t succeed to become the outstanding defender.

2. John Terry, 36.

69 goals / 32 assists. He has scored for: Chelsea, English national team.

Great John Terry, a standard of the central defender, is always reliable when he is playing behind, and always dangerous when he is ahead. He has scored the majority of goals with head after partners’ crosses. No wonder, when in Chelsea were regularly playing great masters like Frank Lampard, who was capable to realize a cross, calculated to millimeters. Seasons 2004/05, 2011/12 and 2014/15 when the Englishman had scored 8 goals in all tournaments for Chelsea were considered to be the most goalscoring. It is interesting that each of these seasons was rich in trophies for "blues" – they had won the Premier League, the Champions League and all home cups. Terry's goals helped to achieve all these trophies.

1. Sergio Ramos, 30.

80 goals / 41 assists. He has scored for: Sevilla, Real, Spanish national team.

Who would have any doubt, of course. Ramos's goals, in the majority are winning and at the most important moments for Real, have already become the common event. Sergio as the real superman, flies up over the penalty area and adjusts to any air ball in order to break the opponent. His goals not only influence on the result of an ordinary match, they directly bring trophies. Atletico will keep it honest. Two Champions Leagues 2013/14 and 2015/16, the WC-2014, the Super cup of Europe 2016 – all this would never happen, without the heroic attempts of Sergio Ramos. 86% of Ramos’s goals for Real during the last three seasons were scored when his team was losing or playing in a draw and that is very indicative factor.

Moreover, he is amazing while heading and he is ready to score from a penalty or to score a penalty in Panenka's style. And in his early years he was playing at the right wing of defense. For 14 seasons in his career, in 9 of them Ramos had scored about 6 goals, and this season he has already scored 11 goals. Only last week Ramos had scored two winning goals, scoring in matches with Napoli and Betis. There could be even three goals, but the second ball of Ramos in gates of Napoli was considered to be Mertens's own goal.

In the current championship his 7 goals have gained for Real whole 9 points without which the club from Madrid would take the 3-4 place in standings. Such incredible effectiveness has allowed the Spaniard to take the second place in the history of Real on the scored goals among defenders (69), having been ahead of Roberto Carlos (68) and he is falling in Fernando Hierro (127).

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