Paulo Dybala’s new ascent

6 September 2017

Gambling&Sports suggests to evaluate the game of the forward of Juventus Paulo Dybala who has managed to go down in history of club after three official matches of the new season.

Paulo Dybala’s new ascent

The Sunday match against Genoa will surely take the worthy place in the collection of memoirs of the forward of Juventus Paulo Dybala. The Argentinean has made the first hat trick in the Series A and his total of the scored goals in an elite Italian division demonstrates now a round figure – now Dybala has 50 productive kicks. Of course, it is impossible to claim that before Paulo players didn’t know how to score, but there is a feeling that the change of game number (the 21st on the 10th) has favorably worked on the South American forward. Six accurate kicks in three opening matches of the new season are rather uncommon for football players even of such great club as Juventus. If to address history, then it is possible to remember such players as Omar Sívori, Michel Platini, Roberto Baggio, Alessandro Del Piero and Carlos Tévez. And each of them had played an important role in Turin club in due time and each of them was wearing the 10 number shirt. Dybala, having received T-shirt with the number 10, didn’t lose courage but had managed to progress in respect of effectiveness though it is early to draw any global conclusions on the basis of three matches.

The table of effectiveness of football players of Juventus in three opening matches of the first season in which they were playing in the T-shirt with the number 10 is given below.

Football player season matches scored goals

Omar Sívori 1957-58 3 2

Michel Platini 1982-83 3 2

Roberto Baggio 1990-91 3 3

Alessandro Del Piero 1995-96 3 2

Carlos Tévez 2013-14 3 3

Paulo Dybala 2017-18 3 6

Paulo is Tevez's fellow countryman (who is the pre-last 10’s holder in Juventus) and Sívori; he has wonderful long-ranger which was characteristic of Del Piero; he prefers to attack from the depth that Baggio often did; he is a forward with the skills of the playmaker that makes him similar with Platini. None of the above mentioned football players who were possessing "happy" number managed to reach those achievements which were gained by Dybala, though only on the basis of three official meetings. Besides, there is one more fact which distinguishes Paulo from all other "candidates", namely the fact that he is a left-footed (though in a match against Genoa one goal was scored with the right leg). Dybala literally flits across the field; he has excellent dribbling, ability to perform standard positions skillfully. All these demonstrate the typical repertoire for classical "10".

Dybala is developing into the player whose position in modern football can be characterized in two ways. Someone considers him to be the forward, someone the playmaker, someone the playmaker with skills of the forward. Last season the Argentinean needed time to find the place in the Massimiliano Allegri’s attacking system of coordinates. This season Dybala demonstrates new game identity thanks to autonomy which was provided by the head coach. The South American received tactical freedom, he is taking this or that part of the field on call of his own instinct. Under the leadership of Allegri Dybala became the player that midfielder of the Real Madrid Isco could become whom Turin wanted to have a few years ago. The bosses of Bianconeri didn't manage to convince heads of Real Madrid to let him go. That year in summer Dybala had moved from Palermo to Juventus and Massimiliano Allegri had received another gemstone. Experts note that Dybala has such important quality as tactical intelligence. Being free, he is moving to those zones where there is no high density and has an opportunity to take a ball without opponents hanging on his neck. In Genoa, for example, Dybala took Miralem Pjanić’s pass and since then the team from Turin began his comeback. Dybala, as nobody else, is capable to confuse defensive lines of the opponent.

Dybala had moved from Palermo

"Paulo scores heavy goals, - Allegri told after the previous match – Nevertheless, there are aspects that he needs to work through. In addition to the championship of Italy it has to shine in frames of the Champions League. I don't know whether Dybala is included in the five top of the world best forwards as it is very difficult to compose such ratings. Nevertheless, I consider that the Argentinean does important things, however he has to move further. Paulo is a strong football player who possess magnificent technique but his physical standards aren't at optimum level yet, as well as the standards of the team. His aim is to progress constantly as it is easier to reach the top than to stay on it". There is a feeling that ascension of new Turin "10" has already began and two figures on his back not only impose additional responsibility but also bring him good luck”.

10 interesting facts about Paulo Dybala

  1. Recently, the number of subscribers of the Argentinean in Instagram has risen beyond10 million. The 22-year-old football player has uploaded video on his page where the word "10" sounds in ten different languages, including Russian. Some of his fans didn't forget to mention his branded "mask". Dybala thanked fans in ten different languages. Who knows, perhaps, the gesture with the palms symbolizing new number of the Argentinean and number of his subscribers will come into general use.
  2. Now Dybala is known under the nickname La Joya (diamond, a jewelry) but when he was playing for Palermo, Sicilians on the dialect called him picciriddu – a child due to children's features of his face.
  3. The Argentinean likes to play chess very much. He studied this art, being a child. In Juventus Dybala was playing chess with Brazilian Hernanes but he was sold in the winter and now Paulo can play chess only on the football field.
  4. One more passion of Dybala is Lego. The Argentinean says that this occupation allows him to take his mind off strange thoughts. He won’t go to bed unless he sees a ready-made product, for example, the prototype of Tower Bridge.
  5. As it was reported earlier, Paulo is a left-footed. Nevertheless, once a week in order to increase the balance he is trying to write his name in extreme conditions – with his right leg.
  6. Does he play five-a-side when his friends do? No, Dybala prefers to be the referee. The say that Paulo is very strict referee, quite often he demonstrates the red card.
  7. Paulo’ mother in his childhood wanted her son to play basketball. It is difficult to believe in this when the child uses legs but not hands. Today he is laughing at this story together with his friend and the fellow countryman Fernando Kanpasso who is a professional basketball player and performs in Spain.
  8. Dybala doesn't avoid troubles which usually trap people. In January, 2017 the snowbreak has covered Rigopiano hotel and Dybala made personal video call to children Edoardo and Samuel who managed to be saved and supported them. On Easter the Argentinean visited one of the oncological centers in Turin.
  9. Paulo has a collection of shirts but so far its size is rather modest. After the first match of the new championship against Cagliari Dybala has posted the photo of the most valuable item - Ronaldinho's shirt with the request to sign it. The Argentinean never hid that the Brazilian is an idol for him.

10) The model Antonella Cavalieri was the beloved of Dybala for five years. She tried to build the career in Italy, but didn't succeed in this field. Antonella visited the matches a lot of times but after the break-off she returned to Argentina

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