The world crisis of the Spanish football

2 October 2017

Today, on the 1st of October in Catalonia the referendum on administrative independence (that is on building its own state on the territory of Spain) has begun. How can this separation affect the future of three Catalan football clubs in La Liga (Barcelona, Espanyol, Girona), and on the fate of all Spanish football?

The world crisis of the Spanish football

Long before the beginning of referendum the National Federation of football declared possible removal of Barcelona from participation in the championship of Spain in case of autonomous separation of Catalonia. In response to such ultimatum sports authorities of the region and also FC Barcelona have declared that now the five-time champion of Europe has the right to choose in what top championship it will play. And as the main alternative options were named the English Premier League and French Ligue 1.

And on the 30th of September FIFA interfered with the conflict. In its statement FIFA officially declared that in case of Barcelona removal from the list of participants of the Spanish championship, Spanish national team will lose the right to participate in the World Cup-2018 in Russia, and participation in tournaments under the supervision of FIFA will be forbidden to all Spanish clubs. And this means that Real Madrid as the defending champion of Europe won't be able to participate in another club World championship any more.

But that is just a beginning! Who heads the FIFA now? The former general secretary of UEFA who is so popular during all recent ceremonies of the Champions League Gianni Infantino.

Within six years (2009-2015) Infantino was the second person in the European football agency. This fact demonstrates that now UEFA is completely under control to the former general Secretary. And therefore after the statement of FIFA, the similar statement of European Union for a possible dismissal of all Spanish clubs from the current Champions League and Europa League tournaments will appear.

And now let's think about Barcelona in the championship of France and the Champions League without Real, Atletico and Sevilla... Paradox! But, nevertheless, passions are rising!

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