The Meringues’ kindergarten. The way Zidane is building his new Real

30 October 2017

Real has won the Champions League for two seasons in a row, having become the first club to do this thing. However Zinedine Zidane hasn’t been resting and is engaging in reorganization of team. Gambling&Sports portal tells how Madrilenians are changing.

The Meringues’ kindergarten. The way Zidane is building his new Real

The start of the championship of Spain was a reason for the enemies to shout that Real has lost a step. The capital club has shared the points with Valencia and Levante, and then lost to Betis. The Spanish media were discussing the question of losing motivation, dependences on Cristiano Ronaldo who was absent because of disqualification. However the time has passed, the situation began to be more stable and that seems that everything was absolutely different.

Zidane is busy with reorganization of the team. More and more playing time is received by young football players and those who weren't on the leading roles earlier. The list of players who spent most of all minutes in the field includes Marco Asensio (the second place) Nacho (the 3rd), and Isco (the 5th). It is interesting that the so-called trio BBC has no leaders – Ronaldo is the tenth, Bale the thirteenth, Benzema the fifteenth. Though it is clear that there are also objective reasons in it.

Isco and Asencio so far are dragging Real on their shoulders. The first has statistics 2+3 on goals and assists and the second - 3+2. Spaniards are leaders of Real according to the factor goal + pass. And Isco for the whole season was “being sold" to other clubs and the second was warming the benches. Besides Isco and Asencio other young football players – Daniel Ceballos and Theo Hernández, Marcos Llorente and Borja Mayoral and also Achraf Hakimi - are playing more and more. If don’t mention 25-year-old Isco then among the others the most senior has 22 years. Of course, so far only Asencio from the youth is a leader and the others are just helping him. However, in particular Ceballos is demonstrating what he is capable of. Also he was admitted to be the best football player of the youth European championship.

Real lately was purchasing not star football players but talented players who can grow. The current season demonstrates some progress, proving that new strategy was correct. It is obvious that in a couple of years Ceballos who was purchased this summer and Hernandez will become great football players of a starting line-up though all see that they are very useful even in this season.

It is interesting how the coach Zinedine Zidane continues to demonstrate all his skills. Earlier many noted that the Frenchman just allows the star squad of Real to play – doesn't disturb Ronaldo, Benzema, Modrić, Kroos and the company to realize their potential. It's clear that it was not true. However this year Zidane is demonstrating new sides – the Frenchman successfully works with the youth. At the same time to train young football players to the top club where all need the result here and now is much more difficult than if we were talking about any other middle level club.

Asencio, Ceballos, Hernandez are progressing considerably. When several football players become stronger this can be only the result of systemic work of the coach. The fact that Zidane had found the way to Isco is one more demonstration of his abilities. The midfielder was considered to be talented player long ago and now he became the real star, the leader of the club.

Due to skillful work with youth there are no squad problems now for Real. Any football player of the starting line-up can be replaced easily with the young player without any qualitative loss. The long bench and a possibility of rotation isthe best recipe for the next success. Real has not just many football players, the club has enough hungry football players. Ceballos and Hernandez were not winning the Champions League and Isco and Asencio (the first has spent more than 80 minutes with Juventus, and the second even scored) weren't on the leading roles. All of them want their own new success.

And the main joy of Florentino Pérez is that Zidane has built the basis for new Real for the years ahead. Ronaldo and Modrić are 30-year old already; Bale, Marcelo and Benzema are very close to this number. However, Real isn’t afraid of this fact, the club has already prepared future team leaders therefore no painful change of generations in Madrid is expected. It is happening right now. Calmly and imperceptibly.

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