Blackmail of Atletico can make Griezmann too expensive for Barcelona

23 December 2017

Barcelona is in center of one more scandal. FIFA has officially initiated investigations against Catalans on charge of Madrid Atletico. Illegal negotiations with Griezmann are the reason for that. The Gambling&Sports portal got interested in this situation

Blackmail of Atletico can make Griezmann too expensive for Barcelona

It was known long before about the interest of Barcelona in the forward of Atletico Antoine Griezmann and the Frenchman, certainly, is wanted by the Catalans. So far nobody could substitute Neymar. Nobody knows what to wait from Ousmane Dembélé as the trauma didn’t let Frenchman demonstrate all he can. In addition to this Luís Suárez began to hand over. In this situation the new forward who is already playing at the top level and is accustomed to Spain is an ideal candidate for Catalans.

Antoine Griezmann is also thinking of changing the club. All know that this season the Frenchman was playing with lower motivation than earlier. In summer the forward could have played in Manchester United but, it seems, Atletico managed to beg him and Jan Oblak to stay for one more year – for the first season at Wanda Metropolitano. However next summer after the World Cup it will be difficult to keep Griezmann. The question is what they can receive for the leader.

The essence of a claim of Madrilenians is simple. Atletico accuses Barcelona that Catalans were holding negotiations with Antoine Griezmann without having got any permission of the club. It is known that according to FIFA rules it is necessary to get permission of team which holds the contract with the player in order to discuss the conditions of the contract with any football player. The exception is the only one - if less than 6 months are left before the end of the contract.

The contract of Griezmanna with Atletico is valid till 2022. However, according to the Spanish press, the 26-year-old Frenchman has already agreed to sign the contract with Barcelona. At the same time the Mattressers didn't get the permission of Blaugrana. The bosses of Barcelona had to deny officially this information but FIFA decided to initiate investigation.

According to the Spanish press, Griezmann agreed on the contract with Barcelona via his sister who represents its interests and held a meeting with the bosses of Catalans.

In the football world, of course, all bans on negotiations with the player are ignored. There is no direct ban on discussion with the representative of the football player or members of his family. We don’t believe that any transfers in the world are happening without preliminary consultations with the player's circle. Other question is whether some papers were written between Barcelona and Griezmann's representatives in favor of the football player that is unambiguously forbidden.

It is possible that the claim to FIFA is a certain way of Atletico to pressure Barcelona to kick out the large transfer sum. Now compensation of €200 million is stated in the contract of Griezmann but in summer this sum will decrease twice. €100 million today don't seem to be very large price and Catalans can pay out such compensation. It is possible that Blaugrana is going to make the payment and now just wants to coordinate all conditions with the Frenchman in order to avoid surprises in summer.

In its turn Atletico, perhaps, is also trying to receive now more money. Madrilenians had the pressure lever in negotiations with Barcelona – whether you pay for Griezmann more than 100 million or FIFA will forbid you to carry out transfers within two periods (that was the sanction for violation of which Catalans are suspected). The complaint demonstrates that Atletico is serious. At the same time Diego Simeone's words that he is ready to give any football player emphasize the fact that the question is only in conditions and that the club is ready to sell Griezmann.

In addition it is extremely interesting what is happening now in England. Griezmann was and is the target for Manchester United. Moreover, Atletico prefers to sell the Frenchman to other championship but not to the challenger in La Liga. However Mancunians unlike Barcelona weren't noticed in secret negotiations so they still quietly watch development of the situation. Eventually, if Atletico eliminates Barcelona, then Manchester United will achieve what it wants.

Generally speaking, it is possible to claim unambiguously that on Wednesday the new transfer saga – about Antoine Griezmann 's transfer from Atletico has begun.

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