Eternal opposition of Europe and South America

25 March 2018

Eighty eight years ago in 1930 to year in Uruguay the first FIFA World Cup championship has taken place. Since then, for nearly nine next decades the World Cup for these national teams has been played exactly 20 times.

And this eternal opposition between the best national teams of Europe and South America lasts for 20 rounds. We will remind you that before 1958 the World Cup championship was played serially in the countries of two leading football continents.

South America - Uruguay (1930), Brazil (1950);

Europe - Italy (1934), France (1938), Switzerland (1954), Sweden (1958);

The sequence has been broken exactly 60 years ago in 1958 when after Switzerland the second in a row World Cup championship has been held in Sweden, that is, in other European country. But in frames of this sixth championship one more long-term tradition has been broken. Brazilian national team headed by Pelé, Garrincha, Vava and Didi for the first time has won the World Cup outside the continent. And exactly 4 years later in Chile future pentachampions have won the second champion title in a row.

Since then in an eternal historical fight between Europe and South America the best national teams of CONMEBOL were ahead all the time:

Chile-1962 - Brazil (3:4), England-1966 - England (4:4), Mexico-1970 - Brazil (4:5), Germany-1974 - Germany (5:5), Argentina-1978 - Argentina (5:6), Spain-1982 - Italy (6:6), Mexico-1986 - Argentina (6:7), Italy-1990 - Germany (7:7), USA-1994 - Brazil (7:8), France-1998 - France (8:8), Japan and South Korea-2002 - Brazil (8:9), Germany-2006 - Italy (9:9), the Republic of South Africa-2010 - Spain (10:9), Brazil-2014 - Germany (11:9).

As we see, the change in this everlasting fight in favor of Europe has come eight years ago when Spanish national team as one of the representatives of our continent for the first time became the champion outside the Old World, in the Republic of South Africa.

And exactly in four years in Brazil the previous initiative of La Furia Roja was picked up by Bundesteam. And now prior to the Russian FIFA World Cup the total score - 11:9 in favor of the best UEFA national teams.

Europe - 11 titles (Germany - 4, Italy - 4, England - 1, France - 1, Spain - 1);

South America - 9 titles (Brazil - 5, Uruguay - 2, Argentina - 2);

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