Draw betting

is one of the most popular kinds of sport. The major part of the bets
that are made at bookmakers is done on soccer matches and
tournaments. The bettors are attracted by the huge number of matches,
high limits and also by the possibility to enjoy amazing soccer
fights. Some users bet on soccer in order to support their interest
by watching soccer matches of the favorite team and others make sport
betting their main or additional source of money earning.

bettors always make detailed analysis of matches and watch the
broadcasted matches, get acquainted with the statistical data and
work out game and financial strategies. While you watch matches, you
can define the determination of the teams to win, their physical fit
and motivation. The teams want to win and to bring joy to their fans
by scored goals. The match can keep you on your toes till the last
seconds as both teams don’t want to accept the draw result.
Therefore the draw odds are extremely high and this fact attracts a
lot of people who want to earn some money.

draw betting advantages

the mathematical point of view such bets happen to be very profitable
as the draw results occur rather often. The odds as it was mentioned
above are on a very adequate level. The majority of the bettors
prefer to bet on winning of one of the team as well as Totals,
handicaps and other outcomes. In order to distribute all the money in
a proper way and to minimize all the material losses the bookmakers
need to adjust the odds. On some definite points they are increased
and on other they are lowered. It happens very often that on a draw
the odds reach the value higher than 3.40 and during the match these
odds undergo changes. Therefore, with a smart approach to betting
strategies and bank control it is quite possible to gain stable

betting: Analysis or Sytategy?

the match, the client of a bookmaker can rely on statistical data and
latest news from the “enemy camp”. For example, the absence of
the chief goal scorer or best assistant significantly reduces the
goal potential of the team. Not always the team has the adequate
substitution to key players and that is why it is useless to count on
goal fairy show.

the statistics it is possible to notice the definite series of the
teams. For example, the club has won 7 last matches or the club
hasn’t scored any goal during some away matches in a row. Not
uncommon are draw outcomes that happen again and again regardless the
field where the match is held. Such series can tell you about the
current mood of the players and the situation inside the team. Any
series can finish but it is wise to bear in mind the last outcomes
before making the bet. There are some championships where the number
of draw outcomes is higher than in any others. But they are changing
from year to year and that is why it is not profitable to bet on one
tournament year after year. You should look through some rounds from
the current championship in order to assess the style of play and the
mood of the teams. Every bookmaker from our top list has the section
Statistics that contains all necessary information.

table position also matters while making any predictions of the
outcome. The team that is able to fight for the place in the
Champions League or any other prestigious tournament would give all
the best in order to gain some points. The club that can avoid the
relegation-threatened zone and stay at top division will also try to
achieve the winnings.

often happen the situations when the club has given points to the
rivals and ensured the title of the champion by some rounds before
the end of the championship. For the last matches of the tournament
the players from the farm team can take part in the game and that
is why draws are quite possible. Some teams are in the middle of the
standings and they are not threatened by the play-off matches. Also
these teams won’t be able to interfere into the fight for the place
in the Euro Cups. In such situations the draw is quite possible. At
group stages of different prestigious tournaments some teams before
several matches prior to the end of the tournament ensure themselves
the paly-off stage or even lose all chances to continue the fight. In
this case the draw outcomes in forthcoming games are also very

can bear in mind all these mentioned above factors but it is very
difficult to predict the draw result only using the statistics. For
an accurate prediction it is necessary to see after the game of the
teams in current match; whether they are ready to fight for a winning
or whether a draw is possible for both teams. In order to optimize
your actions while analyzing the sport events and choosing the
appropriate games the bettors are implementing different strategies.

betting strategies

‘2 out of 5”.
matches are chosen in which the draw is expected due to the bettor’s
opinion. The bet is made by using the system. All you need is to
choose from the bookmaker line the necessary outcomes, chose the
system “2 out of 5’ in the betslip, and to fill in the sum of the
bet and press “Bet”. In case you chose two correct matches that
ended in a draw the bettor receives almost all his money. If the
bettor choses 3 or more matches he will get the double raise to this
game bank. Instead of the system it is possible to use accumulator
of two different sport events but it is important to take into
account all the chosen matches.

can notice that in some matches the teams don’t rush straight away.
The rivals are feeling each other out, changing the tempo of the
game, trying to find out the weak sides of the rival team. The whole
first half of the match can be spent in this way that usually ends
with the 0:0, 1:1 result. If the rivals are equal
draw bet

can be quite good variant.

some championships the teams prefer to play goal-scoring soccer. In
the majority of matches several clubs use Totals. Equal clubs can
score a large number of goals but end the match with a draw. In such
tournaments it is possible to bet not only on a draw but on
for example, “draw/total over 3.5” or “draw/both teams to
score”. The odds will be higher than the odds on simple draw, but
not every bookmaker proposes such opportunities.

it is necessary to point out “magic” by its effectiveness draw
betting strategy as
It is simple: you have to choose the match with the high probability
of a draw with the help of any proposed methods, wait till one of the
team scores first goal and only after this you bet on draw outcome.
The odds on draw outcome can rise by a factor of 2 or even 3,
depending on the time the first goal was scored. It will allow to
gain the higher profit at the same level of risk.

you can practice draw betting?

doesn’t matter what kind of strategy or the method of match
analysis you choses, for their realization it is necessary to
register in reliable bookmaker. Above all it is necessary to pay
attention on a money line in Live betting and the size of the odds.
The majority of the draw bets are made in Live that allows you to
follow the game and draw necessary conclusions. It is obvious that
the higher the odds are proposed by the bookmaker the higher profit
the bettors gains in case of successful bets.

top list of bookmakers contains only reliable companies with wide
line, tasty odds, comfortable deposit/withdrawal methods. Among the
variants everyone can find the most appropriate bookmaker that will
perfectly fit all the demands of a bettor.