What is handicap betting

Handicap betting

Among all kinds of sport bets probably handicap betting is referred to such kind of bets, about which we can run on for hours, work out more and more new strategies and practice them. In this article we will try to figure out what the handicap in sport betting is and how you can use handicap betting in tennis, football and other kinds of sport.

Let us at first clear out the general understanding of this type of bet. For example, what does the handicap betting in football mean? The point is that the bettor has to guess with what advantages for favorite the match will win. This can be expressed in goals, scores, points, etc., depending on kind of sport.

There are several types of handicap betting. There are two main types – a plus form and a minus one. Also there is zero handicap. Every bettor depending on preferences, chosen events and odds can bet on advantages on final favorite team score (this would be named plus handicap) or you bet on possible loss of an underdog, that also is presented in form of points, goals and etc. The last variant is called minus handicap.

One more question is ”what is the zero handicap in football bet?” This is the third type among existing types of such bets. In this case the bettor though making a bet on the win of the team, does not give not even one point of advantage over necessity for win. In case if the teams play in draw, the bettor will get the money from this bet back. You should remember that zero bets at some bookmakers are marked by latinic letters «pk» and that is why do not be surprised if you see this abbreviation.

Now let us look at another kind of sport – tennis. So, what a tennis handicap betting is? There are two main types of this cunning bet for a bettor: bets on games and bets on sets. The main peculiarity of tennis handicap betting is, that even in case of your favorite loss and with zero handicap bet you can even win in definite cases. This is due to the fact, that the difference in games does not influence directly on the outcome of the play. For tennis experts such kind of bets do not cause difficulties, but many fresh bettors “burn oneself” thinking, that usually who wins in tennis, gains more games.

Handicap betting football is considered to be one of the most popular and simple kinds of bets. Even for fresh bettor it is recommended to try this bets. And do not be afraid of complex at first sight system. In fact, everything is quite simple

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