Over under betting strategy

What is over under?

One of the most popular bet among sport bets is over under betting. But many beginners do not know what is it and confuse them with simple win/loss betting. In fact over/under betting is a wager placed on predicted number of scored/thrown/missed points (goals, pucks and so on). This article is for those, who wonder what does over under mean?”

There are several types of over under betting. The first one – integer valued bet when you bet on some integer values of match outcome. The second one – 0.5 times. The third one – 0.25 times (it is called “Asian total”). It is more complex and “advanced’. The beginners should pay attention at first two types.

Besides, over under sport betting should be divided into two more types:

  • Total “over”. When the bettor presupposes that his team or a player will gain more points than he pointed.
  • Total “under”. Correspondently inverse assumption.

It would be easier for you to understand this kind of bet using a definite example. So, what is over under football? For example, for match Brazil-Saudi Arabia you wager over 5.5 for Brazil. This is the second type (0.5 times). This means that if Brazil has scored 6 or more goals – you win, and if 5 or less – you lose.

Over under betting variety

The bookmakers propose a great variety of bets that can be considered to be Total. You should practice them only in case if you understand well their essence and your possible advantage over the builder of a line.

Over under sports betting according to calculation principle

Classical Total

0.5 times (1.5, 2.5 and so on) variant has two outcome options – over/under (win lose).

If Total is integer-valued (1.0, 2.0, 3.0) the payback is possible. For example, Under bet can become a winning one in case the number of goals per match won’t exceed 2. If 4 or more goals are scored the bettor loses. In case of 3 scored goals the payback (coefficient 1) is made.

Over under sports betting according to calculation principle

Asian handicap over under

Combo-betting on 2 close totals is similar to betting on double outcome and it gives some guarantees to the bettor. Asian handicap over under is seen at line by 0.25 times (1.25, 1.75 and so on).

3 way over under betting

It is available only in some bookmakers. There is no pay-back here as besides over-under there exist the 3rd variant of outcome – “entering Total”. For example, you made a bet on “Total 2.0” and the teams played 1-1 or 2-0 - you will win, literally the bet made on an exact number of goals.

Over under betting on goals scored each half

The name presupposes 2 kinds of bets:

  1. Classical over under betting calculated for the 1st or 2nd half;
  2. Guess over under betting for each half.

Team Total Goals

It deals only with one chosen team. It seems strange to bet only on one team when two are playing but some bettors prefer this kind of bet.

Team Total Goals

Result / Total Goals

It is necessary to determine the winner of the match (or the team won’t lose) and Over 2.5.

Result / Total Goals

Double chance and over under betting

Coefficients on double outcome are not very high and that is why such mix was created that allows profitable combining of two kinds of bets in one prediction.

Draw/Over under betting

Actually this is a bet on two draw results: 0-0 and 1-1 with Under 2.5 and 2-2 and Over (2.5).

Goals Odd/Even

  • even scores: 1-1, 2-0, 3-1, 2-2 and so on. Usually the lead is 2 goals or draw.
  • odd scores: 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, 3-0 and so on. It allows predicting of min. advantage of one of the teams.

Goalless win/total

This is the bet made of a pair of scores: 1-0, 2-0 for Under 2.5; 3-0 and bettor with Over (2.5). This choice has some sense if the favorite’s defense is 100%.

Over under betting interval

The question is asked about the over under betting interval. If starting from 2 and up to 3 the bet wins with the results 2-0, 1-1, 2-1, 3-0. Total (0) means goalless draw. The prediction can be made even on the 1st time.

Total each team scores under/over

It is used for a match with sharp, equal and open game with many scored goals (TO) or defensive, closed game (under). For example, with a bet “both> 1.5" => the results 2-2 or 3-2 are winning but not 1-2 or 1-1.

Both Teams To Score and Under/Over

The bookmaker complicates the task with such bet option: the bettor thinks that both teams will score and bookmaker gives an opportunity to predict also the number of scored goals.

Both Teams To Score and Under/Over

Over under betting on half

The correlation of goals scored by each team per half is used (over, under, the same). For example, the team-1 1st half > 2nd.

Goals in First 10 Minutes

This is an answer to the question whether the goal will be scored during the first 10 minutes of the match.

Goals in First 10 Minutes

Individual over under betting of scored goals by a football player

Messi and Ronaldo are also brands as well as Manchester and real. People want to bet on them and bookmakers are ready to please the fans.

Over under betting on gaming moments

Corners, yellow cards, shot to a goal mouth, fouls, posts and bars, off sides, runs. You need deep knowledge of matches and analysis of statistics.

What about other kinds of sport? For example, over under in hockey. The bets do not differ by their technical aspect. But differ greatly in the matter, that match outcome forecast is complicated due to different specific hockey factors. For a beginner in hockey betting we can give an advice – you should very attentively eliminate difficult matches according to 2 criteria. To determine interesting, intense matches and bet on the team that according to statistics convert chances/let in goals (depending on strategy that you use – over or under). In this case, you should not rely on bookmakers’ odds.

Over under betting strategy

More often Over under betting strategy is used while planning over under football but it can be used for other gaming kinds of sports.

The essence of this strategy is simple. The bettor has to choose in a line two matches which will end with the similar Total, for example Under (2.5). Thereby, it doesn’t matter whether it will under or over. You can choose two matches Over (2.5). The most important thing is that the coefficients, proposed by the bookmakers, shouldn’t be under 1.8.

Then the bettor will form three small accumulators. The first takes both outcomes Under (2.5), the 2nd – Under (2.5) and Over (2.5) and Over (2.5) for the first and second events and the 3rd accumulator chooses Over (2.5) and Under (2.5) respectively.

So, if the bettor will manage to predict one out of two results he will for sure get some profit which size depends on coefficients. For example, with two coefficients 1.8 the profit composes 8% from the total sum of bet on 3 accumulators. In case coefficient 1.9 was used, its size increases up to 20% and so on.

This betting strategy gives an opportunity for bettors to claim for profit with minimum personal risks.


Betting over under is widely spread because of its simplicity and variability and due to an opportunity to earn good sums of money.
It should be mentioned that sports betting over under with lower coefficients (for example, Over 1.5 or Under 3.5 should be used with simple accumulators as their passability is high. Over under betting is actively used in Live-betting where the bets on a number of goals are proposed.

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