Over under sports betting

Over Under Betting

One of the most popular bet among sport bets is over under betting. But many beginners do not know what is it and confuse them with simple win/loss betting. In fact over/under betting is a wager placed on predicted number of scored/thrown/missed points (goals, pucks and so on). This article is for those, who wonder “over under betting – what is it?”

There are several types of over under betting. The first one – integer valued bet when you bet on some integer values of match outcome. The second one – 0.5 times. The third one – 0.25 times (it is called “Asian total”). It is more complex and “advanced’. The beginners should pay attention at first two types.

Besides, over under sport betting should be divided into two more types:

  • Total “over”. When the bettor presupposes that his team or a player will gain more points than he pointed.
  • Total “under”. Correspondently inverse assumption.

It would be easier for you to understand this kind of bet using a definite example. So, what is over under football? For example, for match Brazil-Saudi Arabia you wager over 5.5 for Brazil. This is the second type (0.5 times). This means that if Brazil has scored 6 or more goals – you win, and if 5 or less – you loose.

What about other kinds of sport? For example, over under in hockey. The bets do not differ by their technical aspect. But differ greatly in the matter, that match outcome forecast is complicated due to different specific hockey factors. For a beginner in hockey betting we can give an advice – you should very attentively eliminate difficult matches according to 2 criteria. To determine interesting, intense matches and bet on the team that according to statistics convert chances/let in goals (depending on strategy that you use – over or under). In this case, you should not rely on bookmakers’ odds
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