Multibet is a bet on certain number of selections on different sport events that are not connected with each other. The profit is calculated by multiplying the sum of bet on the number that is the result of multiplying odds of all chosen outcomes.

Multi bet is a bet of increased risk, as if one selection losses, the whole bet is lost.

Double – a bet on two selections, treble – a bet on three selections. The ordinary multibet is built by connecting singles into one bet where all their odds have been multiplied with each other, making the final odd of the multibet.

Advantages of multibet:

  • Multibet is considered to be won only if all bets won;
  • The possibility of gaining the great one-time profit.

Multibet is good for amateurs who are not aimed at earning money on making bets, but just play for pleasure.

Professional bettors as a rule, do not practice multibets, as they are unprofitable and depend mostly on luck.

Only bookmakers get the advantages of multibets. In order to increase the interest towards the multibets, many bookmakers propose bonuses to their bettors for using them.

Multibets peculiarities

The fresh bettors usually practice multibet strategy, called sure bet strengthening.

The sure bet is understood as an event in the success of which the bettor is absolutely sure. Such selections get very often not very high odd. The final odd is increased by adding to multibet the events with almost 100% possibility of win.

For making profitable multibet, consisting of several selections or high odds, you should possess considerable experience and believe in luck

Fortune can smile upon any player, even upon a fresh bettor.

Calculator of multibet system can calculate the stake and predictions for different sport events. Such calculator is available online at any time of day and night. Based on data entered, the information that can help you to win, would be analyzed.

For building effective multibet you have to study predictions that are placed at the bookmakers’ sites. And by doing so, you can make advanced multibet for today.

If a multibet is lost, it is not recommended to recover your losses using the selections from the already lost multibet. It is necessary to evaluate the reasons of your failure, think twice, in order to avoid donkey acts, to make bet on another day.

If there is a big bank, it is better to use singles. They will be more profitable in this case.

What is the best way to make multibet?

Multibets, the rules of building it.

  • Optimum size – on 2 or 3 sport events.
  • It is advisable to bet on “clear” selection.
  • Be sure, that your candidate for a bet is motivated enough, is tuned to win, the team is physically healthy.
  • Try to keep the rational mind and even temper.
  • Previously try to analyze each selection that your are planning to add to a multibet. Focus on reliability, not on number.
  • Keep tab on made bets and this will help you to determine the optimum size of multibet and the level of odd on all sport events.
  • Minimum permissible number of sport events, that will build the multibet is 2, the maximum is limited by the rules of a bookmaker.
  • It is necessary to make multibet choosing only reliable bookmakers, as not all bookmakers have a possibility to make a return of big money.

Very often 1 lost selection ruins the whole multibet and that is why you may practice multibet by means of a system – the set of several multibets, secured against 1 lost selection. But when all selections win, the profit will be less than without using the system.

While building the multibet it is very effective to hold to system approach, based on weather conditions. For example: the less the outdoor temperature is, the less the number offootball scored goals will be.

Let us examine, how to build the multibet, staying inside your house:

  • Get in the official site of bookmaker office;
  • Click on the list of events that allow to make bets;
  • Determine the sport event and its characteristics;
  • Choose the sport selection that you are intended to add to your multibet (for example, the win of a certain team);
  • Click on the odd that is placed near the chosen result of a sport event and your choice would be fixed in a betslip. But not before you can calculate your multubet;
  • Choose the next event selection and add to the betslip;
  • As fast as the multibet would be built check the final odd;
  • Type in the sum of the bet;
  • Check , if all the selections are correct – the multibet is built!:

Now you obtain all information that will help you to make multibet a profitable mean of earning the money.


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