People are fundamentally hazardous. This is due to our instincts and hacks back into the past. The fact remains that it is important for us to win and to gain some economic equivalent of our win. Based on this human’s peculiarity for the first time ever a totalizator has appeared. .

In general idea, by totalizator we understood one kind of contest, which is made between the players and relevant organization (in this particular case – horse racing organization). For example, for horse course it would be a counter, that shows bets on definite horse and total general bets. Also by totalizator is understood an office in which you can make bets and get the profit. There are several kinds of bets: single, when you bet on a horse that would come first, double – you bet on the second horse and treble bet relatively. In the end the profit is divided between all players and some amount of profit margin goes to horse racing organization.

Now the name totalizator is used for bookmakers by means of which you can bet on sport (sport totalizator).

Thanks to technological progress and rapid development of Internet today we have a lot of new possibilities that make our life easier and comfortable. This is a case of a totalizator, as now appears online totalizator.

Typical horse racing totalizator has its peculiarities. The point is that till the betstop you can’t know for sure what kind of an odd would be on this or that event because it depends on the amount of bets from all bettors and their number as well. That is why you should be guided by your intuition and analysis of gathered information. There are some nuances that distinguish horse racing totalizator from bookmaker totalizator and, relatively, influence on the bettor behavior. As you do not know in advance what the odd would be, as you do in sport totalizator, you should not choose bets, common for sport betting. The bet on a definite favourite (even if he wins) won’t bring you great profit, as a lot of bettors would bet exactly on him too. But dark horse that will come first, could probably bring you a big win.

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