Football betting online

Football betting

Bookmakers and football betting are gathering more and more popularity. This kind of sport has become popular due to its spectacularity and result unpredictability. Very often favourites can unexpectedly lose to underdog. By making football betting online you can earn good money without getting out your own house.

Few words about the history of football

Until recently the majority of people considered this kind of sport to be thought out by inventive and sportive Englishmen. But the truth is that the history researchers had managed to find out that in past ages population of African continent enjoyed running about the field with the analogy of modern ball. Now you can’t find a person who did not hear about this kind of sport. Nowadays in every country there are opened and successfully working football associations, allowing millions of fans to enjoy this spectacle.


It is not difficult today to make football bets or to make sense of football rules. Two teams take part in the game. Each team is presented by 10 field players and 1 goalkeeper, who is defending team’s goalpost. The aim of each team is to poke the ball into the goalpost ofthe opponent. Fouls are called for the violation of rules. The referee of the match can use yellow card for inappropriate behavior. When booked twice , the player is send off the field till the end of the match. The red card signifies that the player is send off immediately. This red card is used only against very serious misconduct.

Major championships

Football bets should be made on leading European championships, as they are the most predictable. Due to rightly chosen football betting strategy can be very beneficial.

There are a lot of football leagues, but we would point out the most popular for football betting as for today:

  • English Premier League;
  • Russian Premier league.
  • First French League;
  • Italian Serie A;
  • German Bundesliga;
  • Spanish Premier League;

This championships are presented by the most prominent players and teams. Mostly the representatives of these countries take part into prestigious football tournaments and cups. Statisticsof wins in Champions leagues proves these words be true.

Football betting peculiarities

Football betting online has become popular due to huge possibilities for football fans and the variety of chances to get the profit. Unlike most of other kinds of sport, you do not need deep knowledge or skills in this sphere. You may just make win bet on one team or you may use additional action lines. Football betting online presupposes a great variety of such action lines. They allow each bettor to use the biggest odds. You can surely choose the most appropriate football betting variant for each specific case. It is allowed to make profit using any football forecast. Some bettors gain millions, practicing football betting online and ensure luxurious and careless life.

Types of action lines

In order to start practicing football betting online you should gain all the necessary information concerning bookmakers. The main football bets as for today are considered to be straight bets. This means that you may make win bet on one team, win bet on the second team or draw bet.This method can help you to earn good money but not all use it. Nowadays the most popular bet is double chance: the win or draw of one team, the win of one team.

A lot of bookmakers propose making football bets using totals. The bookmaker proposes a bettor a definite amount of goals, fouls, corners and other match results that would be manifestedduring the match. The bettor has to determine would this amount be more or less than set value and has to make football bet online. This variant is also widely spread among the bettors.

The majority of bookmakers allow football betting online just as the match progresses. The bettors can make football match bet online and as the match progresses determine the most expectable variant of match results. There are other methods of work with other factors. Action lines allow making following football bets for today: on the amount of corners and fouls, ball possession percentage. They also make it possible to forecast the amount of cards or the time of scored goals.

The chances to predict such facts are rather low, but the reward for precise forecast will bring a lot of money. Each bettor can find and choose the most optimal variant.

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