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Bookmakers and football betting are gathering more and more popularity. This kind of sport has become popular due to its spectacularity and result unpredictability. Very often favourites can unexpectedly lose to underdog. By making online football betting you can earn good money without getting out your own house.

Few words about the history of football

Until recently the majority of people considered this kind of sport to be thought out by inventive and sportive Englishmen. But the truth is that the history researchers had managed to find out that in past ages population of African continent enjoyed running about the field with the analogy of modern ball. Now you can’t find a person who did not hear about this kind of sport. Nowadays in every country there are opened and successfully working football associations, allowing millions of fans to enjoy this spectacle.

Long gone is the era of amateur football. Now this is the great industry in which fantastic money is involved. The fees of the best players, the salaries of top coaches, the profit of the most popular clubs, the sizes of ads contracts, costs of new stadiums, sum of the money that is proposed for television broadcasting strike with the number of zeros.

Why are financial values of the football industry so important for a bettor?

1. Big money influence on results of matches and the successful player has to bear in mind this factor. We will give several examples:

• regular draws in full time during the key games of popular tournaments. The more popular the tournament is, the more expensive the advertising time is. The longer the match lasts, the more ads can be sold.

• the new sponsor to ordinary team can improve considerably results due to purchase of new football players.

• clubs with serious financial support don’t always demonstrate good football and they are helped with the methods that are not used in sports. Such situation is especially common for the championships that don’t get into the elite football with a large number of weak clubs.

• on the finish of the championship financially strong clubs start to motivate the opponents of their competitors with a potential award in order they demonstrate the maximum resistance. This phenomenon explains why the club which for the whole season was powerlessly pushing the a ball across the field suddenly began "to gnaw the earth" for the result.

2. Money which is “poured” in football attracts bookmakers. Bookmakers create the most comfortable and tempting conditions for players. A variety of football events, high coefficients, online broadcast of matches, live football betting, various bonuses and actions attract players to bet on football.

If you were interested in sports betting, then you will find a lot of useful information on our website that will help you to become the successful bettor. Read attentively this article up to the end as important nuances that are necessary to follow will be worked out further if you want to make online betting a source of stable income.



It is not difficult today to make football bets or to make sense of football rules. Two teams take part in the game. Each team is presented by 10 field players and 1 goalkeeper, who is defending team’s goalpost. The aim of each team is to poke the ball into the goalpost of the opponent. Fouls are called for the violation of rules. The referee of the match can use yellow card for inappropriate behavior. When booked twice , the player is send off the field till the end of the match. The red card signifies that the player is send off immediately. This red card is used only against very serious misconduct.


1. Popularity.

A lot of people are playing football day and night. Serious bookmakers offer its clients the possibility for making bets on leagues and tournaments, including not only the championships of the well-known countries (England, Germany or Spain), but also championships of China, Canada, Estonia. Matches of the second, third divisions, youth competitions, friendly matches and meetings of amateur teams are available to the players who understand football well. You will always be able to choose good option for a successful bet.

2. Huge sums of bets (high limits).

The player wishing to put $1000 on a water polo match of the championship of Hungary will notice that in absolute majority of bookmaker offices the maximum sum of a bet on similar events is $200 - $300. For football matches restriction are small. Depending on the championship, the size of the maximum rate can reach even $500 000.

  1. High coefficients.

Online football betting is the leading segment of the bookmaker market. According to different data, more than 40% of all bets made by players are these bets. In order to “catch” the clients bookmakers use various methods of attraction and one of such methods is to propose very high coefficients. It is good for football fans: the higher the coefficients are, the more considerable the profit will be.

4. Bookmakers offer various betting options for football matches which aren't used at other sports.

Bettor who is tired of "simple" outcomes and total will be able to change the activity with very unusual betting options: whether the goalkeeper will score a goal, whether the yellow card for a handball will be shown, whether the player who isn't on the field will be removed.

5. Qualitative online web resources with information that is necessary for successful prediction.

The development of the Internet allows the player to obtain up-to-date information about the teams which are going to play, gaming statistics, starting lineup, a list of injured players, referees from a panel of judges, a condition of a grass at the stadium and weather forecast by several clicks of a mouse. This kind of information helps players to predict results more effectively and to earn some money of football betting.



The bookmaker in forecasting is a tool by means of which you earn money or just get pleasure from a game. As well as any tool, bookmaker has to be reliable. There is no use in money on your account if there are doubts that it will be withdrawn?

The freshers often neglect the necessity of searching reliable bookmaker and fall into a trap of crooks. Beautifully designed websites, aggressive advertising, skillful promotion, the unreal sums of bonuses are the standard attributes of day-fly bookmaker office. It will allow you to make a deposit and even allow to win some money but then the bookmaker will disappear together with money of its clients.

To prove the reliability of the bookmaker for a bettor without experience is a difficult task. It will be wise to use the recommendations of the specialized web resources that accumulate the opinions of hundreds of thousands of bettors.

Experts of our website monitor constantly changes that take place in the bookmakers’ circle therefore top list of the most reliable bookmakers contains only bookmakers with the checked reputation with necessary licenses and permissions.

Once you have found reliable office what else you should pay attention to:

• a number of different comfortable and convenient ways of deposit/withdrawal of funds.

• whether the football championships and tournaments you are interested in are available.

• What additional opportunities are proposed by the bookmaker: live football betting, video broadcastings, statistics service, convenient private cabinet.

• whether the bookmaker offers bonuses or other financial encouragement and on what conditions.

With this information the choice of bookmaker office becomes an easy task.


Football bets should be made on leading European championships, as they are the most predictable. Due to rightly chosen football betting strategy can be very beneficial.

There are a lot of football leagues, but we would point out the most popular for football betting as for today:

This championships are presented by the most prominent players and teams. Mostly the representatives of these countries take part into prestigious football tournaments and cups. Statisticsof wins in Champions leagues proves these words be true.



Online football betting has become popular due to huge possibilities for football fans and the variety of chances to get the profit. Unlike most of other kinds of sport, you do not need deep knowledge or skills in this sphere. You may just make win bet on one team or you may use additional action lines. Online football betting presupposes a great variety of such action lines. They allow each bettor to use the biggest odds. You can surely choose the most appropriate football betting variant for each specific case. It is allowed to make profit using any football forecast. Some bettors gain millions, practicing soccer bet online and ensure luxurious and careless life.


It makes sense for freshers to pay special attention to bets made on matches of top teams. The stable game of strong clubs helps to predict accurate result.

Football players of top clubs are widely known and any events that are connected with their sports or private life quickly get on information portals. This allows to make the most accurate prediction and to use it for successful betting.

Once you have chosen the football match you are interested in what else you should pay attention to in order to pick up the winner?

1. Start studying the standings. The team is awarded with 3 points for a victory in a football match and in case of a draw each team receives 1 point. The more points the team scores, the highest place it will takes.

The motivation and game, in many respects, depend on team’s line in standings.

For example:

• If both teams take the bottom of the standings and are fighting for "survival", we expect tough and not productive match;

• The leader of the championship will try to beat the middle level team;

• It is difficult to predict an outcome in games of teams from the top part of standings. You should avoid such matches at the beginning.

2. The analysis of calendar matches helps to understand better the motivation of teams.

Regularly before UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League the coach of club is saving forces and allows having a rest to the leading football players. Such practice is very widespread, especially at the end of a season when team leaders are “fed up” with football and the fact that they will miss one-two matches can help them, even at the expenses of result of a definite match.

3. Studying of statistics of the playing clubs will allow to understand what color is a team. We recommend evaluating the last 5 matches. Watch also home and away games. If the team plays at its home stadium, pay attention to home matches if away match - then to guests. Bear in mind that some clubs play better at home stadium or much more rare they demonstrate better results during away matches.

4. Consider statistics of previous meetings and the results of past battles. Each football club has both a convenient and key opponent.

5. Consider information on starting line-ups. You have to be interested in a trauma or disqualification of one of the most significant players. Loss of the key football player alters a ratio of forces at the field and can easily leave the team without any chances for success.

6. Get acquainted with the latest news concerning participants of a football match. It is easy to find the news and all you need is to print the names of the teams into the searcher. Perhaps, there is something important: recent purchases of new football players or new head coach, financial problems of the club or birthday of the owner of the team. For certain, in this case football players will do everything to win.



In order to start practicing online football betting you should gain all the necessary information concerning bookmakers. The main football bets as for today are considered to be straight bets. This means that you may make win bet on one team, win bet on the second team or draw bet. This method can help you to earn good money but not all use it. Nowadays the most popular bet is double chance: the win or draw of one team, the win of one team.

A lot of bookmakers propose making football bets using totals. The bookmaker proposes a bettor a definite amount of goals, fouls, corners and other match results that would be manifested during the match. The bettor has to determine would this amount be more or less than set value and has to make football bet online. This variant is also widely spread among the bettors.

The majority of bookmakers allow soccer bet online just as the match progresses. The bettors can make football match bet online and as the match progresses determine the most expectable variant of match results. There are other methods of work with other factors. Action lines allow making following football bets for today: on the amount of corners and fouls, ball possession percentage. They also make it possible to forecast the amount of cards or the time of scored goals.

The chances to predict such facts are rather low, but the reward for precise forecast will bring a lot of money. Each bettor can find and choose the most optimal variant.

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