What is arbitrage betting

In simple terms, surebet is a hypothetical chance to bet on all possible outcomes of a match in different bookmakers and to gain small profit from the sum of money that you have invested absolutely "without any risk", irrespective of a game outcome.

Such situation is theoretically possible due to difference between coefficients on one and the same event at different bookmakers which will always be. However, the reasonable bettor has to have a choice of reliable bookmaker which steadily makes payments. The factor of coefficients can't be the most important.

Of course, bookmakers know about surebets, but firstly the coefficients are calculated by every bookmaker and they can make some mistakes. Besides, coefficients in each bookmaker depend on the bets that are made by the bettors and if all load is on one side, then coefficients will surely fall and will grow at the opposite one — there will be a distortion which can lead to arbitrage betting.

Secondly they understand that the presence of sports arbitrage in their line is an additional tool to attract players therefore they don't want to exclude all arbitrage trading but undertake measures to secure themselves and to make earnings on surebets difficult or impossible and even to turn money of those who use surebets into their own income. The rules of many bookmakers directly or indirectly forbid arbitrage betting.

Types of sports betting arbitrage

Types of sports betting arbitrage

Arbitrage betting can be divided by the quantity of possible game:

2 — over/under betting, the kinds of sports where a draw is impossible (tennis and any other kind of sports with the winner) or 12+draw, 1X + 2X, W1 + W2. Two outcomes are the best that the bettor can get.

3 — the most standard market 1-X-2, i.e. all games where the draw is possible and also interesting combinations of handicaps and totals based on their different representation at bookmakers.

4 and more —tennis sets or the exact score.

The chart below presents an example of arbitrage betting for 2 outcomes:

Odds Bet

1.88 1000

2.17 866

The sum of bets $1866, potential winning is $1880, the profit is 0.75% or $14 and it without expenses on money transfers and the risk not to get them at all.

Risks of practicing surebets

First of all for arbitrage betting it is necessary to have the large gaming bankroll scattered among different bookmakers. The majority of which are insignificant and doubtful as they have problems with coefficients or they deliberately attract players using this method. You shouldn’t make even insignificant bets and to make large bets on surebets especially. While arbitrage trading you can face following problems:

1. The coefficient has been replaced. While making the bet on the 2nd outcome the coefficient changes at the last minute. There are such bookmakers that do this without changing coefficient in the line, i.e. know about surebet match (have made him) but just don’t allow to bet on it.

2. You haven’t manage to make a bet. In case of arbitrage betting in 1 minute prior to the game (surebets often arise in several minutes prior to the game) the bettor makes a bet in one bookmaker and he is not able physically to close surebet, and that is why there is one large risky bet left and the whole sense of arbitrage trading is lost. In case of three possible outcomes the similar risk even increases.

3. Insufficient maximum. When the bet in one bookmaker in case of good coefficient is very limited in its size and having made a bet in one, you will not be able to bet the adequate amount in another one.

4. Return of the bet. When a lot of surebets will win, the bookmaker can become very worried and without any legal basis, for far-fetched reasons can make the decision to pay back bets. Noone will be pleased to pay a lot of money.

Because of the fact that events can pass very quickly surebets can occur in Live-betting more often but the listed above dangers can happen even more frequently.

How to cheat the bookmaker that doesn’t like sports arbitrage

How to cheat the bookmaker that doesn’t like sports arbitrage

Yes, it turns out that it is also necessary not to find them but to overcome some barriers and be able to bet. In order not to cause suspicions or to minimize them, you should take into consideration the following rules, while sports betting arbitrage:

1. The bets mustn’t comprise the biggest part of your bankroll. An ordinary player seldom makes a bet with the whole sum of money and doesn’t do this again.

2. The size of the bet shouldn’t resemble arbitrage betting and everyone understands that the player who makes $111.63 is definite arbitrage bettor and even if you minus some figures after a comma the picture will not change, so it is necessary to adjust to round numbers, if not 100 then 110. It is clear, that in case of poor earnings that you gain thanks arbitrage betting such approach can deprive you of your profit and only this moment makes arb betting income problematic.

3. Avoid betting just before the beginning of the match and choose surebets on which you can bet beforehand and in case of some problems you will manage to find a way out to minimize them.

4. Except arb betting it is desirable to practice simple bets since the bookmaker can be aware of all arbitrage situations and be attentive to those players who constantly use them.

5. Don’t deposit and withdraw your bankroll money all the time. The deposit-withdrawal which is not connected with profit, will certainly cause suspicions.

6. It is possible to use secretly multi accounting that is forbidden by all — today someone has made a bet using one account, tomorrow he will use another IP (it will be better to use another computer).

7. Study the rules and ask directly the bookmaker (from other email) about a possibility of using this kind of betting.

If the surebet has won

If you have managed to bet as you wanted and to get profit, there occur situation when your bankroll has moved from one bookmaker to another and you need to return it for further work.

Except some percent that is taken for money transfer there occur sometimes difficulties that are caused by the staff: security hold or further betting is banned. If you have made large bet and then immediately you withdraw the money, the bookmaker clearly understands that the money are going to competitors.

How can you really earn on arb betting

First of all it is necessary to understand what investments do you need for earnings on arb betting. If the circumstances are favorable you won’t be able to get more than two-three percent from the money you have invested. If we will take for an example two sided tennis bet where you have bet $100 in order to get 2.5% or $5. Each bookmaker’s account should contain at least $1000 not to cause suspicions by too big bets and not to “load” the department of payments with frequent transactions. How many bookmakers should you have? Well at least ten. Frankly speaking, I hardly imaging how should this reliable ten be like but if you think carefully it is quite possible to make this selection.

Top list of bookmakers.

So, $10х1000=10 000 — that is the sum of money you need to start working with arbitrage betting. If you want to earn more then it is necessary to work with the greater amount. It is possible to test the whole scheme with smaller amounts but it doesn’t mean that you will face (you will understand) the moments that were listed in the section " Risks of practicing surebets". This resembles Forex when on demo – accounts all are real heroes but the real diagram brings a lot of surprises as with trader’s psychology and with some nuances of the broker’s job.

Whether all this is worth of risk and time expenses for search of surebets is a big question if, of course, not to automate the process of finding and automatic betting (this is the main thing!) by means of any programs, at the same time I would not advise to use professionally others software (arbitrage software) because of such reasons:

1. You won’t be better (quicker) than other users of this program;

2. Who knows what are the aims of the program’s designers and what will they take from your computer.

Arbitrage trading withdrawal

It is possible to earn on surebets but judging by all nuances these are several percent of successful people, as well as in any other business. Your aim is to make careful tests of programs and arbitrage software => finding your own niche => ordering your personal program, its long debugging and checking, good budget => possible earnings.

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