10 characteristic features of betting scam

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Betting presupposes really great money. It is obvious that the vast majority of money stays in the pockets of the bookmakers but still some players can earn some profit.

The positive results are gained thanks to their good awareness so the more information you have, the chances for making successful prediction you have. Freshers in betting can swallow the bait while searching for necessary information.

The main features that can signal about betting scam are as follow:

  1. The main attention should be paid in web-site. Usually the website created by scammer consists of ads and predictions. And no other useful information.
  2. The main page of the web-site has the image of money.
  3. They propose incredible betting profitability. More than 200% per month. Or the amazing passability of predictions – more than 85%. Even the best cappers can’t achieve such results.
  4. Scammers usually post the scans of their passports. But it doesn’t mean that these are their passports as it is very easy now to fake them or to post the stolen one.
  5. They sell information about fixed matches. 100% fraud.
  6. The web-site is full of technical, orthographic, punctuation mistakes. People, who allegedly, possess extraordinary abilities, can’t find some money for normal site.
  7. The term “passability” is used too often. Firstly the total profit and ROI are of the most importance, but scammers don’t know about them.
  8. Under the coefficient more than 2 the passability is more than 80%.
  9. The web-site is very strictly moderated. It is impossible to post negative response. Only positive messages are published.
  10. The build-up of the accounts. Professional capper will never take strange account for build-up.

These are the main features that can help you to determine the scammer.

Separately, each point is not the feature of betting scam but the presence of several such features ring a bell.