10 tips for the fresh bettors

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will agree that if every bettor wins over bookmaker, all bookmakers
will go to rack and ruin completely and disappear for good. But, from
the other hand, if the bookmakers win, then the bettors will vanish.
That is why, there is a definite layer of the players who win with
more or less high rate. And for a fresher the most important thing is
to get into such layer of the bettors as soon as it is possible.

order you do this as soon as possible we are eager to propose you
simple and not complicated tips for the freshers.

1. Control
your emotions.
and hazards
the main reasons of losing to the bookmakers according to the opinion
of career bettors.

2. If
you don’t have enough experience, don’t gamble with big money.
better use small bets.

3. Choose
very carefully the bookmaker office.
study the rules and regulations of bookmaker for the purpose of
finding any hidden pitfalls. This will insure you from dealing with

4. Make
bets only with free money.
doesn’t bare “frightened money”. If you bet with money that you
need for buying bread, you will lose for sure.

5. Build
your own gaming strategy.
are a lot of articles that are devoted to building your own gaming
strategy. We have to say that any strategy is built on the basis of
analysis of you own gambling statistics.

6. Fixed
matches are snake-oil operations and fraud.
deal with those who propose you dark matches.

7. It
would be wise if a fresher subscribe on qualitative cappers, who will
help to choose a winning bet on this or that match.

8. Find
all possible information about the matches you want to make a bet on.
matter is that sometimes freshers are confused by the coefficients.
Experienced bettors make bets according to the analysis of the sport
statistics of the teams.

9. Try
to avoid betting on insignificant matches

– Cup matches, friendlies, matches between the middle level teams
at the end of the championship, and so on. The results of such sport
events are difficult to predict with a high probability without
special knowledge.

10. Rest
regularly and make some gambling pauses.