4 main characteristic features of the underhanded bookmaker

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We believe that you know how to choose reliable and solid bookmaker in Internet. But today the frauds are so tricky that can deceive even experienced players. So, how to figure out underhanded bookmaker office?

  1. There is no information about license. If you are not able to find the license, which, as a rule, is indicated at the bottom of the page, so this bookie is controlled by no one and can control the purse strings of the clients.
  2. The absence of the large number of authoritative payment systems. In most cases, the payment systems value their reputation and don’t work with shade bookies. If the list of payment systems is full of strange and unknown for you payment systems, it is a good reason to quit using this bookmaker.
  3. The absence of original agreement with the clients. If the rules, terms and conditions are not presented in your language, the bookmaker can easily deceive you.
  4. Any authoritative bookmaker office must use information taken from official sources and different statistical resources in order to calculate bets. If no sources are presented, think long and hard about using such website.