4 problems that may arise with your account in the bookmaker

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Nowadays there are a lot of numerous bookmaker offices. Some of them are very popular and they are working more than 10 years.

But the majority of bookmakers are less known for many bettors. And such bookmaker offices attract new clients thanks to large bonus offers, free bets and high odds.

Don’t forget that you can get on different tricks of frauds while registration in unpopular bookmaker. Such a thing happens very often and that is why even when you have a slight hint that something is suspicious withdraw your money as soon as possible.

Successful bettors who are always in plus suffer more. They usually experience some problems with withdrawing the money.

Some bookmakers tie money in any attempt to withdraw the money for up to two months. This is done on the ground of checking the client in case of money laundering.

Bookmaker- day fly can refuse to make payment at all. Usually such bookmakers are registered in off shores and that is why it is difficult to present lawful complaints.

But even if these bookmaker offices fall within the scope of the law, they close immediately. And they don’t forget to keep all money of their clients.

The bookmakers often fight with successful clients using other methods. The most popular method is to cut the limits. The more the client wins, the less bet he is allowed to make.

There happen also such cases, when bookmaker office asks the bettor to withdraw the money and to delete the account as it brings money loss. This is the way the European bookmaker offices do.

There are other ways to cheat the clients. For example, the cancellation of the match results because of some reasons. In this case the bookmaker office returns the money equal to the sum of a bet.

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And this is the way the bookmakers get their profit. For example, the part of the players bet on team A and the other – on team B. After the end of the event bookmaker informs the players who won that the event is cancelled and the money will be returned with the coefficient 1.

The reason can be left unmentioned. And to those who have lost, the bookmaker didn’t lose any money. Thus, bookmaker-fraud is sure to get good profit.

Sometimes you can meet one article in the rules that presupposes account arrest in case of inactivity.

This means that when the bettor for 30 days (or any other period of time) doesn’t make any bet, his/her account is deleted and all money goes to the bookmaker.

That is why it is necessary to read attentively the rules before registration in the bookmaker office.

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