5 un-profitable kinds of bets for freshers

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We all understand that not all kinds of bets bring the similar profit and interests to the players. Some lines are unprofitable from the very beginning, they can’t be well analyzed or extremely unpredictable. We will speak about the major kinds of such bets. Freshers should avoid using them and even experts use them very rarely.

Scorecast bets.

The main advantage is the very high coefficient. So, having guessed the correct outcome of the match it is possible to gain the profit on coefficients from 6 up to 500 and even more.

But can you really gain stable earning on such predictions? No analysis and training will help you to predict the correct score of the match no matter what information you have and how hard you are working.

That is why this kind of bets can be considered to be a lottery.

Odd and even.

This is absolutely unpredictable kind of sports predictions in which you have to guess the final outcome: odd or even. Again freshers won’t be able to use their logical skills.

To some extent these bets can be useful if to practice Live betting but to use them before the match is a real lottery.

You do the maths: odd and even coefficient is always around 1.9 and the real probability with all else being equal is 50%. That is the expected value is negative and you will lose your money under longstanding game.

Penalty predictions, own goal and sending offs.

This is very definite type of bets in which you have to predict one of these events. For example, what are the chances to predict the own goal? This is practically impossible.

Also you won’t be able to predict whether the penalty shot will happen or the football player will be send-off.

More correctly, this can be predicted, of course, but we are speaking here that to use this kind of bets for every match is the way to huge money loss.

Goal scored by definite football player.

This is rather exotic market presupposing that the football player will score in the forthcoming match. In most cases we speak about the forward.

So, a lot of forwards score almost in all matches and that is why you can bet on them. But the bookies are aware of this fact too and you won’t see profitable coefficients on these football players. For example, if the best forward is in good form then the coefficient is 1.5-3.

But are you absolutely sure that he will score? So, this kind of bets can be used only by very experienced players who are aware about the situation in the team.

Strongwilled victory.

This is very difficult kind of predictions that is why high coefficients are proposed on these variants. From the other hand, you practically have no chances to predict this outcome.

For example, you can hope that the favorite will be the first to miss and then will score 2-3 goals. Coefficients on this outcome are in the range from 15 to 20 as your chances are very small.

This kind of bets can be used only in rare cases, for example, you have found mistakes made by bookmakers.