7 tips that will help you to over play any bookmaker

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The number of predictions making styles is equal to the number of the clients in the bookmaker office. Someone prefers betting on favorites, someone likes minimal bets on huge coefficients and someone can even play all in.

No matter what kind of flat you are using, you should follow some experts’ tips. Otherwise you may experience huge money loss or even bankruptcy.

Experienced tipsters have created a range of important recommendations that will help you:

  1. If one or several bets are profitable, do not make next predictions with large sums of bets. Supposition that a run of good luck has begun can be delusive.
  2. If you have experienced a series of losses, it is forbidden trying to win back. Freshers usually make such mistakes. With pressure for wagering they forget to analyze probabilities. Due to this fact, all future bets for 99% will be un-profitable. If they are large, the player can become bankrupt.
  3. Some time should pass between every bet. This is an individual factor which depends on psychology of the tipster. If he needs one day in order to calm down after a loss, so we recommend him to take this day. The same is true for a case when you have won a bet. Being excited the player can make large prediction that can become un-profitable in future.
  4. It is forbidden to violate the main rules of flat, if it is not a variant of chaotic flat. In case of an academic flat the size of bet may vary from 1 to 3% of the bankroll. If the player uses static or aggressive flat, the sum of every bet has to be fixed (1 and 3% from the bankroll, correspondingly).
  5. We do not recommend making too large bets on risky events in chaotic flat. The more popular it is, the higher the size of the bet will be. In this case the player will have an opportunity to gain the maximal volume of information to analyze the probability of outcomes.
  6. The size of every bet should be equal to the percent from the initial bankroll but not the current one. Also it is forbidden to tie the size of the prediction to the definite sum.
  7. The more experienced the player is in a definite kind of sport, the larger the bets can be. Freshers are recommended to use the static flat.