8 tips from tennis betting expert

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Tennis as a kind of sport is good for sport betting. It is possible to earn good money on this kind of sport if you bear in mind a lot of factors and prepare well for choosing the bet. Here is the list of tips and main moments from tennis betting expert which you have to remember while tennis betting.

Head-to-heads statistics.

If you need to predict the gaming result of the tennis match, then, in the first turn, you should study the gaming statistics of two tennis players. This is, perhaps, the most important factor of your analysis. Of course, it is good when the rivals have played 30 times with each other and you can find, therefore, good gaming statistics. But this is a rare case. And, of course, figures mustn’t change your opinion. Also, it is necessary to pay attention on the following factors: how much time has passed from the last match of these tennis players, how they improved their game since then, what kind of court was it and so on.

Last matches.

After this, it would be wise to analyze the last matches of each tennis player. How did he play? Who was his/her rival? What physical fit did he demonstrate? If he was fighting furiously then this means that the tennis player is fighting for the victory till the last second. But if his rival will be the player of a higher level, will he be able to overcome? It is necessary to consider all these facts if you want to make profitable tennis prediction.

Court surface.

Some tennis player demonstrates better results on definite court surfaces while at the others they don’t feel themselves very comfortable. Having checked the ratio of victories and defeats, you can imagine the chances that each tennis player has in every match bearing in mind the court surface.

Last season statistics.

Every tennis player is trying to improve his game with each season or just not to lose his fit. That is why comparison of the current and last season also creates the full picture.


Also, it is very important to bear in mind what kind of the tournament the tennis players meet in and what is the percentage of their victories in this tournament. Everything matters: quarterfinals, semifinals or finals, the number of gained trophies or the highest achievement. It often happens that the tennis player is demonstrating good results only during one definite tournament only because he has good memories that are associated with this tournament or he is extremely motivated because of local fans.

Compare with the best.

In order to analyze the game of not very famous players, try to compare their results with the top 10. Perhaps, by some parameters the mid-level tennis players would be close to the best tennis players or even would be better than them. Use this information carefully.

Statistics of gaming actions.

It is possible to think over this point for the whole day as today you can watch the statistics of almost all tennis players and look at aces, breakpoints, 1st and 2nd serves and much more. You don’t have to spend 20 hours on studying all these factors but having even taken a look at these figures, you will gain important information.

And, at last, it is also important not to overdo as a great variety of points can confuse you. In this case, you may quit betting or you may rebuild your attitude towards predictions.