All you need to know about sports arbitrage betting

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Practically every person who practices sports betting has thought about existence of a safe bet. Experienced cappers only smile with sympathy when they hear such dreams. But there always exist some players who believe in existence of 100% systems or strategies.

It should be mentioned that speaking in theory we believe that there exist a lossless variant of a gambling system. This is an arb. But the cappers shouldn’t have high hopes for this kind of bets.

What does arbitrage betting mean?

An arb is a conflict between coefficients that allows gaining sure profit, having overlapped all possible variants. For example, one bookmaker office proposes 2.5 on the victory of the hosts and the other bookmaker proposes their clients the coefficient 2.2. It is obvious that you can bet on both variants and gain sure profit.

More than that if to make proportional bets than the size of the profit depends on the match outcome. The mentioned above situation is rather simplified. It is difficult to find such misbalance of quotations. But sometimes the small arbs appear.

There are special scanners which calculate quotations of different bookies and propose an arb. Needless to say, that the bookmakers do not like cappers who prefer such kind of gambling. Security Service is constantly searching for suspicious accounts for the purpose of unfair betting.

How to figure out an arber?

There is a set of characteristic features of an arber that simplifies the work of the bookmaker’s security service. The cappers who constantly make large bets on high coefficients raise suspicions. Ordinary players rarely use the whole bank. And besides, all-in is usually made after a series of failures and on a coefficient which is less than 2.0.

Specific character of the arbitrage betting foresees registration of account in different bookmakers. In order to control all accounts the player constantly compares the bankroll in every bookmaker. If the bettor deposits or withdraws the money too often, keeping the balance on the stable level, he can attract attention of security service.

An ordinary capper won’t deposit money when the bets are still in the game. But the arber needs to increase his bank in order to make prediction on an arb. Also an arber can give himself away with a small bet which allows to balance the wins for similar profit from all outcomes.

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How are the arbers punished?

The punishment for the possible arbers is rather obvious. At first, the limits are cut. Bookmaker has a right to deny payment of the suspicious bet or to block the account.

Very often the status of the arbitrage bet can changed even on the stage of bet building. The players are warned that the coefficient on outcome has already been changed. The shift of quotation depends on many factors. Such waves can destroy an arb. In such a case handicapper can even lose some money.