Anti rules of sports betting according to Murphy

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is clear that not every will win every time. We can say that betting
is a kind of art that is hard to be mastered. The specialists claim
that in order to gain the success in a game against bookmaker you
have to be experienced analyst, even-tempered and, of course, to be a
lucky man. And if there are some betting rules and if you follow them
you will gain some money then, they are likely to be as follow:

  1. You
    have to be strong willed and even-tempered person.
  2. You
    have to analyze the line and choose the matches.
  3. You
    have to listen to your intuition.

we speak about more concrete things we have to note that the
professionals don’t recommend to practice betting on the kind of
sport you know little about. For example, if you are good at tennis
but the line has no tennis match then don’t switch on hockey and
make accidental bets on accidental sport events. Do not bet on
so-called long accumulators. The golden rule for many bettors is to
exclude low coefficients.

freshers the most useful will be the Murphy laws for bettors. Here
are some most important Murphy laws for sports betting.

  • The
    bet, in which you doubt less will lose;
  • If
    you chose one bet out of two it won’t pass and the one you don’t
    chose will win;
  • The
    last money that you use for a sure bet will stay at bookmaker;
  • As
    soon as you learn about the fixed match it will be closed;
  • Absolutely
    unmotivated team will win over extremely motivated one;
  • After
    thousands of bets the strategy that seemed to be very successful
    will bring you 0% profit;
  • Any
    series finish when you stop making bets;
  • Martingale betting system
    needs one cycle more than your bank can allow you to make;
  • If
    different accumulators have one and the same event be ready that it
    won’t pass.
  • The
    most profitable coefficients “leave” the system;
  • As
    soon as you’ve made a bet, odds start to ruse;
  • If
    you are waiting when coefficient will grow it will necessary star to
  • Total
    in basketball will be 1 point over (under) the value you need.