Are the bookmakers always right creating the coefficients on the match?

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Today the bookies thanks to the development of information technologies, the bookies can easily analyze any sport events and create the coefficients with the regard to their margin. This is their job, their profit that is why they don’t make rude mistakes. But still, can the bookmaker make mistakes in coefficients allowing the player getting the advantage? Of course, but here you can consider several factors.

The time prior to the event.

For example, the football match will be held on Saturday and you can make a bet on it since Tuesday. Of course, the initial coefficients won’t be very precise and can be even profitable as nobody knows what changes can happen in 4 days. Unfortunately, you also can’t predict this and that is why you won’t get any advantage over the bookmaker.

Information on forthcoming event.

The higher the status of the competition is, the easier it is to analyze it. Believe us, all main statistical moments and up-to-date news are reflected in coefficients of usual bookmaker. If you are looking for an error, it is possible to find it only in additional information which as a rule nobody is looking at.

Bookmakers can’t be always right creating the coefficients as they are made by people.

And people also make mistakes. The record shows that the bookmakers make mistakes in second-class leagues and competitions in which you can’t cover every eventuality. That is why, if you are seeking for mistakes, you have to look for them in unpopular events.