Are the fixed matches profitable for bookmakers?

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Sometimes fixed matches can happen in football, tennis, basketball and other kinds of sports. They are organized because of different reasons and very often they have nothing to do with betting.

One of the most popular reasons for holding fixed matches is the desire to solve different tournament tasks.

The fixed matches usually happen in football during the final rounds of the tournament.

For example, both teams in order to stay in the Division 1 need to score one point and that is why they will be pleased even with draw. That is why clubs make agreement.

Sometimes sportsmen make agreement with uncomfortable rivals in order to ensure themselves necessary place or to move into the next round. Especially such

situations are usual in tennis.

In football those football teams that have already solved all their tournament tasks can lose “on trust” at the end of the tournament. Agreeably, their rivals will return 3 point next tournament.

The lower football leagues and small tennis tournaments are full of situations when the rivals make an agreement about certain result in order to earn on bookmakers. The subject of agreement can be a definite score, winning of a weaker rival or other result with high odds.

The fixed matches can bring good profit to bookmaker offices also when the bettors bet on favorites. And such games usually end with really unexpected results.

And those matches in which sportsmen in advance make agreement on definite result in order to earn on betting are extremely unprofitable for bookmakers.

Large sums of money are used on outcomes with high odds and bookmakers are losing great sums of money. That is why they are trying to fight with this event in any possible way.

Security police are tracing the bets in order to detect the most suspicious. Foe example if several players begin to bet huge sums of money on definite result than bookmaker has a right to lower the odds or to remove such event.

Also some limits are used in order to lower the risk of financial losses in case of fixed matches.

Some bookmakers cooperate with sport federations and inform them about the events that seem to be suspicious.

This allows sport authorities to take steps on preventing or detecting fixed matches.