Australia vs Peru free betting tips and predictions 26.06.2018

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Pre-match information:

Place: Russia. Sochi. Fisht Olympic Stadium.
Date: on the 26th of June, 2018 (Tuesday)
Match start: 15:00 (GMT+1)
Tournament: FIFA World Cup Russia 2018, group C, 3rd round

The meeting of underdogs of the 3rd quartet

According to the results of two last rounds, the quartet of the participants of group C has been divided into two equal halves. The first half consists of France (6 points) and Denmark (4). And the second – Australia (1) and Peru (0).

And the best national team of the quartet – France – has already reached 1/8 finals ahead of the schedule. At the same time, Peru, after the defeat in the second round to France (0:1), has lost even theoretical chances for fighting for the second final position.

Another underdog of the group – the team of Bert van Marwijk – is in absolutely different tournament situation. During the last match against Denmark, Australia has gained a draw result (1:1). And therefore now, prior to the last round the team still keeps theoretical chances for the second final place. Of course, in order to solve this task, Australia in the forthcoming match at Fisht Olympic Stadium has to win over absolutely unmotivated rival.

Possible variants of the team of Bert van Marwijk

However this is only one of three conditions for the subsequent getting of Australia into the playoffs. Alas, one victory of Michael Jedinak, Tomas Rogic, Robbie Kruse and their team mates over Peru is not enough.

Other necessary condition is the defeat of Denmark in a parallel Moscow match against France. In this situation Australia will catch up with Denmark by the quantity of the scored points – 4 points. And here the third condition rises automatically – it is the difference of the scored and missed goals of two rivals. Today this difference is much better at the Danish team of Åge Hareide (2:1) while the Yellow and Greens still have negative balance (2:3).

And now simple arithmetics! Defeat of Denmark with the score (0:1) together with simultaneous victory of Australia over Peru with the same score (1:0) will move Bert van Marwijk’s team into the first round of the playoffs.

Bookmaker coefficients on the match Australia vs Peru

After such final results, at the total equality of points (4) and with absolutely similar difference of the scored and missed goals, Australia (3:3) will get an advantage over Denmark (2:2) by the total number of the scored goals.

And now the most interesting fact! Bookmakers prefer Peru: Australia – 3.09, Peru – 2.39.

Match prediction

To tell the truth, here we have got the match of the equally strong rivals. And, this level doesn’t correspond to the status of the participants of decisive fights of the playoffs of the FIFA World Cup in Russia. But, nevertheless, taking into account the factor of motivation, our choice is clear.

Our tips: Australia (Asian Handicap 0) – odds 2.26 Asianodds