Beşiktaş – Porto free betting tips and predictions 21.11.2017

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Champions League – Group Stage

start: 18:00 (GMT+1)

to the 5th
round of the group stage of the Champions League the champion of
Turkey Beşiktaş, the only leader of the group G, has 10 points. The
second place is taken by the 3rd
winner of Portuguese La Liga Porto (6 points). Then we have the
vice-champion of Germany Leipzig (4) and the defending champion of
French championship Monaco (2). The central meeting of the
forthcoming match day will be held between two leaders of the 7th

Turkey (the head coach Şenol Güneş)

rounds before the ending of the group stage the Eagles from Istanbul
are ahead of the 3rd
team of the group (German Leipzig) with 6 points. This means that for
getting into the first round of play-off the hosts of Beşiktaş Park
have to earn only 1 point in two left matches. At the same time, even
the goalless draw that will be gained during the nearest home match
against the Dragons will make the team of Şenol Güneş the final
winner of the 7th

Portugal (the head coach Sérgio Conceição)

two-times champion of Europe (1987, 2004) has absolutely different
motivation factor. Of course, the program-maximum is the first place.
But in order to achieve this Dragons have to play back from the
champion of Turkey 4 points during two last rounds.

most preferable now is the program-minimum that is the getting of the
team of Sérgio Conceição into the 1/8 final from the second
position. In order to achieve this goal Porto has to earn 4 more
points or to hope that Leipzig will make any mistakes during two left
matches against Monaco (on the 21st
of November) and Beşiktaş (on the 6th
of December).


in any case, both participants of the forthcoming battle at Beşiktaş
Park take the most preferable position than their rivals. To tell the
truth, the teams of Şenol Güneş and Sérgio Conceição will be
glad with the goalless draw. This outcome is the most acceptable for
two favorites of the 7th
group as Leipzig will play away match against Monaco and here the
loss of points of the vice-champion of Germany is quite predictable.

– 2.87, draw – 3.20, Porto – 2.50;

Draw – odds 3.25 William Hill