International Champions Cup predictions

Arsenal vs Bayern free betting tips and predictions 18.07.2019

Pre-match information: Date: on the 18th of July, 2019 (Thursday) Match start: 06:00 (GMT+1) Tournament: International Champions Cup. Place: Dignity Health Sports Park,  Carson. On Thursday morning on the...
UEFA Champions League predictions

Crvena zvezda vs Sūduva free betting tips and predictions 16.07.2019

Pre-match information: Date: on the 16th of July, 2019 (Tuesday) Match start: 21:30 (GMT+1) Tournament: Champions League. Place: Rajko Mitić Stadium,  Belgrade. A week ago Crvena zvezda and Sūduva...

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of the day,

what is it?

Every day many
sports events take place and it is difficult to find the most
suitable events for betting to bookmakers’ players, in particular
to freshers. This problem can be solved by such betting approach as
single bet of the day.

If you want to use
it, it is necessary to choose the most probable and easily predicted
matches and from them then it is necessary to determine the bet of
the day predictions with an optimum ratio of passability and

And further everything depends on preferences of the
player – to make a bet only on the chosen outcome of this day or to
bet on bigger percent of the bankroll than on other events.

to choose
bet of the day

You should begin
with studying of the bookmaker line – acquaintance with all sports
events which will take place this day. Initially choose 3-5 most
suitable games.

Then study each match in detail, analyze all details
and make predictions. Eliminate the worst matches, till one or
several matches with best bets will be left.

It is necessary to
understand well sport and to have a lot of experience in betting in
order to make the accurate choice.

Sports predictions will help to
find such bet.

recommend you to use our  paid betting tips and predictions.

Football bet of the
day created by our analysts

Sport bets without tips are like woods without
birds and like beehive without bees. It is impossible to make bets at
bookmakers without having trust in analytics.

Such “blind”
betting method won’t end in anything good, only in series of losses
and disappointment. So, why don’t let the professionals choose the
most optimal bet?

There are paid and free tips and in this site
section we present you “the bet of the day”.

It should be mentioned that our bet could be even with
considerably low odd as we first of all think about the high safety
of our bet.

Our single bet of the
day are not based on guesses or
hypotheses, it start out from the statistics and all nuances study of
forthcoming sport event.

Here you can look through and analyze
football betting today or other kind of sport you are interested in.

Best bet will
become great addition to “arsenal” of both the fresh and career

Of course, you can make tips and analyses by
yourself, but it would be wiser to use our tips.

No one can guarantee
you that your bet will “play’ with 100% of success, but our
cappers know their trade and the possibility of win is extremely

Before making the tips our team makes great analytical work
that is sustained by our experience and ensures professional and wise

Betting tips
and bet of the day
in particular are very important for those who are really planning to
make profit on betting.

Our bets for today will become for every
bettor a real discovery and wonderful opportunity in boosting the

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Please keep watch over our tips and bets for
today. This will let you keep a finger on the pulse and make
appropriate and profitable bets.

Good luck to you and great wins in the world of
sport bets. We really hope, that our “bet of the day” will become
fortunate for you.

If you want to learn more about betting odds,
you can go to Wikipedia.

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