Bolivia vs all other groups free betting tips and predictions 25.06.2019

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Pre-match information:

Date: on the 25th of June, 2019 (Tuesday)

Match start: 00:00 (GMT+1)

Tournament: Copa América. Group stage.

Bolivia will play in group A in frames of the Copa America and fighting against Brazil, Peru and Venezuela the team of Eduard Villegas is considered to be an underdog which won’t gain even one point.

The Greens for the last 16 matches have managed to win only over Myanmar. As to the rest, Bolivia seems to be rather weak team: they score few goals even in games against equal teams or a little bit weaker. Three last games (two games were spent before the tournament) have been lost by Bolivia with dry score: Japan and South Korea with the same score 0-1 and to France with the score 0-2.

The only line where the Greens are good is defense. Yes, they miss practically in every match but not very many goals. Practically every rival has some problems in overcoming its sticky defense but it is hard for them to be focused for the whole match and not to make rude mistakes.

Bearing in mind the rivals and the quality of the game that Bolivia demonstrates we can assume that the team of Eduard Villegas won’t be able to leave the group. Even if they manage to create a sensation and win one match, this won’t probably help them to be ahead and team from the parallel groups.

Our tip: Bolivia won’t leave the group