Dropping odds soccer. “Clever” moneyline odds dropping

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who practice sports betting more or less constantly understand well
the money line movements. One odds fall down, other rise. And this
may happen within a broad range for relatively short period of time.
We are speaking now about dropping odds soccer today.

does it happen? The answer is simple – because of money. The
definite sum of money comes with every new bet on every outcome. As a
rule, the initial coefficient presupposes some kind of misbalance in
the number of bets on every outcome. If this difference exceeds the
difference that was put in by bookmaker then the odds are corrected
by their reduction.

often moneyline odds droppings are created accidentally by ordinary
bettors. For example, the victory of the team A is evaluated by
bookmaker k=1.3, and the team B – k=1.9. Of course, the majority of
bettors believe that the team A will win. Gradually, it will cause
misbalance in sums of bets between the first and the second outcomes
and that means that the coefficient will change. This is absolutely
natural process.

there are cases when the droppings are created with a purpose. They
are made by solid bettors who have found out the bookmaker’s
mistake (overestimated bets) or by bettors who possess some secret
information about forthcoming game. As a rule, such bettors bet at
once large sums of money on unusual outcome and this cause sharp
overbalance of money sums in their favor.

it was mentioned above, “clever” moneyline odds dropping is used
on value betting. It is really hard to trace such an event. It is
necessary to look after the movements of several lines of several
bookies. If at one of it the odds on any sport event began to fall
this is “clever” dropping. Now you can bet with the current
coefficient at other bookmaker or to search for an arb. But you have
to be act quickly as bookmakers:

  1. also
    look after droppings;
  2. share
    the information with each other.

is possible, of course, to earn on “clever” droppings. But there
are small chances to win in practice.