Fixed matches. To buy or not to buy – that is a question

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Every bettor is dreaming about stable profit. That is why, a lot of players pay attention on numerous proposals concerning fixed matches selling. As a rule, the sellers of “secret” information are working in social nets. Of course, it is hard to deny the presence of some kind of agreements between the clubs or some cases of simple bribe of the participants of sport competitions. Special services regularly discover such intentions, having arraigned on a criminal charge.

Is it possible to buy fixed matches on the Internet?

Everyone understands that the fixed match is a very dangerous deal that is known only to a very limited range of people. Any leak of information can lead to serious problems to all participants of this conspiracy. That is why people, who are proposing series of fixed matches for different sums of money, raise a lot of questions. More than that, you can be sure that all sellers of such information are fixers. Now the fixed matches can be bought without any difficulties. But this information has no special value. Very often this is absolutely usual prediction that doesn’t have 100% of passability. It is useless to speak even about 90% of passability, even if proposed coefficient is 1.1 or less.

Fixers are trying hard to catch naive people. As a rule, the sellers of information about fixed matches propose their first prediction absolutely free of charge. They compose a list of their customers whom they send different predictions on one and the same event. They continue to work with those ‘lucky bettors” whose outcomes have matched the prediction. When a number of failures appears the fixers imagine some reasons. Every seller uses his own imagination to the fullest.

The sellers of the fixed matches regular change their clients, gaining a stable profit. Bettors who have already caught this hook are losing much money. Every player should understand that all information, concerning fixed matches is top-secret. Any leak of information can lead to huge fees and criminal prosecutions.