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England Premier League predictions

England Premier League predictions

Man United vs Brighton free betting tips and predictions 19.01.2019

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England Premier League predictions

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England Premier League predictions

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England Premier League predictions

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England Premier League predictions

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Our portal has gathered the most up-to-date,
important and useful information that allow you to practice betting
and build the most accurate and precise
Premier League predictions

what is more important than to make use of predictions made by real
experts and to learn with them how to bet and to win.

For those who adore football and whose aim is
to earn some money by this hobby we propose you to test yourself by
England Premier League

Here you will find
the most dynamic battles, interesting bets and the possibility to
make bold predictions and gain solid profit

The history of building the
English Premier League (EPL)

It is not a secret for anybody that the EPL is
considered to be the strongest one in the world.

Why it is so?
Everything is simple: it is the most competitive and bright football
league where each team, even the notorious underdog can create a
sensation. This makes this tournament very attractive to those who
prefer sports betting.

story of building of the club football in England impresses greatly.
It counts 150 years of competitive activity.

In 1864 the professional
Football association from which the English football originates was
founded. And in 1885 all leading clubs of England received the status
of professional and began to create commercial component.

For more
than 100 years of history the English league saw a lot of champions,
great football players and impressive matches. But building of the
English Premier League is the real achievement of the national
football union which has become as it appeared the strongest football
league of the world.

format of competition

the Premier League has 20 clubs. On the course of the season which
lasts from August till May each club meets with other clubs twice:
once — at home and once — during the away match.

Thus, the season
of the Premier League for each club consists of 38 matches. The team
receives three points for a victory in a match, for a draw — one
point. In case of defeat the team doesn’t receive any points.

At the
end of every season the club which has gained the highest number of
points receives a championship title. In case of tiebreaker the title
is awarded due to goal difference, in case of dead head of a goal
difference — according to the scored goals.

If after that it isn’t
possible to define the winner, the teams take the same place at the
tournament bracket. If at the same time it is necessary to define the
champion or team which will leave the championship and also team
which is qualifying into some other tournaments the additional match
(playoffs) is held on the neutral field.

Three teams which have
scored the smallest quantity of points according to the results of
the season go to the Football League Championship and from there,
respectively, three teams get into the Premier League.

The history of building the English Premier League (EPL)

structure of the EPL

EPL functions as corporation which is owned by 20 participating
clubs. Each club is a shareholder with one voice on the questions
connected with the change of preparation and staging of the
tournament or sponsor’s contracts.

For management of the Premier
League clubs elect the chairman, the executive director and the board
of directors.

The Football Association, FA doesn’t directly interfere
with daily operations of the Premier League but as the special
shareholder is has the veto during elections of the chairman and
executive director of the Premier League and also during the vote
concerning adoption of new rules of the tournament.

of the EPL season 17/18

well as all last seasons, 20 strongest clubs of the country
participate in the Championship of England. The season 2017/2018
includes the following participants:

  • Manchester
  • Manchester
  • Chelsea;
  • Tottenham;
  • Arsenal;
  • Liverpool;
  • Everton;
  • Leicester;
  • Southampton;
  • West
  • Newcastle;
  • Bournemouth;
  • West
  • Crystal
  • Stoke
  • Burnley;
  • Brighton;
  • Swansea;
  • Watford;
  • Huddersfield.

all teams of the English Premier League can be divided into three
groups: top-6, middle level teams and underdogs.

The closed club
top-6 includes the grandees of the English football: Chelsea,
Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham.

is necessary point out that Everton, West Ham, Newcastle,
Southampton, Leicester, Stoke City, Crystal Palace, West Bromwich are
middle level teams.

Each of these teams will try to get into the zone
of the Europe League and under favorable conditions can even impose
the fight to the leaders for the berths into the Champions League.

That was the way Leicester became a champion or Everton that a few
years ago was claiming for the 4th line. Everton significantly shows
up in the group of the middle level teams.

It is possible to say that
this team is an intermediate link between top-6 and middle level

underdogs are Brighton, Burnley, Huddersfield, Watford, Swansea and

This is the EPL and any team can shoot here. If you
don’t believe me, ask Claudio Ranieri. But on paper all these teams
will be at the bottom of the standings and their main task for the
season is to stay in the Championship.
Participants of the EPL season 17/18

league predictions 2017 18

Of course, each bettor by making English
Premier League predictions
governed by his previous experience, knowledge and trust the ability
to allow for all possibilities.

With that not always it is possible
to gain enough information for gathering basic data that will be
useful for making a prediction.

Before you start betting on
Premier League
it is necessary to
learn thoroughly
football predictions
made by reliable and
checked cappers, sport analytics, forecasters and also to study the
freshest information concerning the up-to-date position of teams.

This subsection of our portal
is full of free tips on the main championship matches.

analysis will allow you to make the most precise Premier League
football predictions and expect great winnings.

You should pay
attention on and study well the following information:

list of the most reliable and honest bookmakers that propose all
kinds of online betting on English Premier League football matches.

proposed by the bookmakers on forthcoming football matches of the
current season.

accurate, checked, reliable and up-to-date information about the
teams that participate in EPL. Here you will find all changes in

teams’ squads, injuries and diseases of the football players,
other factors that may directly or indirectly influence on the
game’s quality and the final outcome of the football match. EPL
predictions built on all gathered information are a real guaranty of
high accuracy and the perfect opportunity to win.

real opportunity for analysis and also a chance to build the accurat
Premier Leaguebetting tips is to study thoroughly the current
position of the teams in the tournament bracket. Table position,
goal average, aggressiveness of the game, the task that the teams
are solving at the Championship – all these and much more diligent
and prudent fans are able to learn having thoroughly studied the
tournament bracket.

help in building the predictions and choosing the right bet is
gained by learning the rules and regulations of the football
tournament. The best country for football betting is England.
Premier league tips made by the experts and also the knowledge of
rules and regulations of the football tournament will help to
analyze accurately the current strategic plans of the teams.

in order to compare with your own calculations and to make a final
decision, it is wise to study free Premier League predictions.
English Premier League is enlightened in all possible details at our
web-site and the probability of coincidence of free predictions with
the final outcome is very high.

Premier league predictions 2017 18

Valuable information

EPL is
one of the most popular football tournaments among the bookmakers and
the millions of the players. Here you can find the best conditions
and possibilities for analysis and betting, the perfect chance to
predict the results of the tournament that is held honestly and

Tournament 2017-2018 is the 26
EPL tournament. The first matches were held on the 11th
of August 2018 and the results will be known by the time of finishing
of the last matchday – on the 13
of May 2018.

Traditionally (and this index doesn’t change all over
the tournaments) there will be 38 matchdays and 20 teams take part in
this championship.

The Best free champions league predictions 2018
are here

of premier league match predictions: what do you need to know?

English Premier League is, undoubtedly, one of the best tournaments
for football betting. The championship is more or less stable and
predictable if to compare with other leagues.

It is quite profitable
to use the EPL total over, both will score, corners are predicted
rather pretty. This league is good for strategies on favorites and

main advantage, of course, is its clarity and transparency. The EPL
teams don’t have any sense to risk with fixed matches because they
will earn good money thanks to sponsor’s contracts, tickets,
television, etc.

One disadvantage is also present – it is the heavy
schedule of teams taking into account FA Cup, Football League Cup and
Euro cups because of what some clubs often sacrifice certain matches
to take breath and give rest to leaders.

As you understand, to define
when the team takes a break is not very easy task.

main feature of the EPL is that the first team from the standings can
lose home match to the club which takes the last 20th line.

it is necessary to be extremely careful with favorites betting as
there is no gap in class between teams, even teams from the lower
part of the standings are rather strong opponents.

English Premier League always delights with showmanship even if it is
a meeting of underdogs.

You can watch any match and enjoy while
making bets.

Study the EPL, keep track of the course of the
championship and you will be rewarded for your work by wins in
bookmakers and the Gambling&Sports
will help you with free tips for the English Premier League which are
published on the website regularly.

Predictions made by
independent cappers and best sports analytics will be important and
useful for the bettors.

All the players will find it much more
comfortable to make bets and build the current
League predictions in the best European tournament.

Visit our website, learn the detailed and
checked information and make profitable betting. We are sure that
your luck will find you, especially with the help of our useful and
effective tips!



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