Free fixed matches predictions. Information for beginners.

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According to a search engine Google for the last month the information about
fixed matches was requested for by more than 100000 times from which
1000 would like to receive free fixed matches as in the fairy tale
about Pinocchio.

Who is fond of sports betting has already heard about the possibility to
buy on the Internet fixed odds betting. The concept of fixed odds
betting exists in the world of football but sale of any information
about such matches on
the Internet
is a bald lie and a prank of trustful people.

100 fixed matches on the Internet is a bald lie and a prank!

100 fixed matches on the Internet is a bald-faced lie and a scam!

Having paid money for 100 fixed matches, you receive information about the
forthcoming match from so-called 100% passability. But the matter is
that you won’t check reliability of the sold information until you
get it and make a bet. Now think about the losses these fixed odds
can bring if the bet doesn’t pass. And this is the sum of money spent
for a purchase of a fixed match and money which have been lost on a

Information about fixed match prediction is thought to be usual sports
predictions. Predictions of both ordinary players who have decided to
cut down easy money on the Internet and professional sports analysts.

the first case, the probability that the bet will pass is small. In
the second case, the chance to win money will be more as the
prediction will be made by the person who works in the sphere of
sports events and he is interested in providing the qualitative
prediction in order to catch the buyer.

have to say that you won’t get 100% guarantee for pass of the bet
whether you have bought the prediction from the ordinary player or
from the professional analyst. Therefore it is possible to draw a
conclusion that someone is trying to push the usual prediction,
giving it for fixed matches 100 sure.

shady people try to convince the buyer that they have a constant and
checked informant who provides this valuable information. Yes,
organizers of fixed matches really exist they are doing well and are
rather wealthy. But here the matter is that any of them won’t risk
and sell such valuable information for
confidentiality is far more important in their business.

few can join to the business built on organization sure fixed
matches. Usually these are professional gamblers, high rollers who
are contacted by an informant or the one who makes bets on fixed
matches are those who are looking for the partner having the account
with the large sum on it. Investment
of capital
in this business should be huge.

it is possible to find tens and hundreds of thousands of websites
which sell information on so-called sure fixed matches on the
Internet. And if you use social networks or you are a member of
communities that are specialized on betting and sports predictions
then you needn’t look for anyone: you will be found and will
suggest buying information on 100 fixed matches. Sometimes even

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However all this is one big shell game. Let us find out why.

all this is one big shell game. Let us find out why.

only very
narrow circle of people
knows that the match will go according to in advance known scenario.
It is

  1. the organizer of the drama show (or group of organizers),
  2. the customer who has bought information or have ordered a match and
    also is
    going to
    make a bet
  3. the sportsman (or sportsmen).

100 fixed matches are often organized in frames of the small
competitions and bets on such events are accepted not in all offices.
It can happen that the necessary match is presented in the line of
only two-three bookmakers.

will they behave that the dozens of accounts of fresh registered
users will ask for bets on one and the same outcome? The answer is
obvious — the bookmakers will remove an event from the line and
bets can be repaid.

less people know about fixed matches today, the higher the
probability that organizers will be able to earn on this match is.

leakage is possible and really happens but usually before the match
when the client has already made the bet and after this someone —
the informant or the sportsman — has leaked information.

information, first of all, is spread offline among close circle of
people (and even if it gets to the Internet, then you won’t be able
to define whether that information belongs to the information you
need). Secondly, the coefficient on fixed matches today will sharply
go down.

What tricks are used by shady people

tricks are used by shady people to convince the players of
truthfulness of the information?

simplest are the screenshots with big betting prizes on big
coefficients. As they think, it has to become an argument of
truthfulness of his information.

can be screenshots of lately won prizes or a bet on future match,
information on which you are proposed to buy. Names of teams are
covered and only the high coefficient and the large sum of bet is
visible. Why it is a prank? Today it is very simple to forge any
screenshot. Here even you don’t need Photoshop: everything is done
by means of editing the initial code in the browser.

you won’t be asked for an advance payment for fixed match: the
pseudo-informant doesn’t lose anything and it is easy to gain your
trust. If this bet passes, you will need to pay for it. Moreover,
some schemers don’t try to earn on you money only once: they are
trying to lure the client, offering first free fixed matches

players stop to think rationally when the first bet wins. Even if the
person initially doubts in the truthfulness of “informant”,
then his doubts vanish and he gets on a hook. The person is ready to
pay for the next match and often quite large sums of money.

the fact that one or two-three bets have won doesn’t prove
anything! It is only good luck.

an outcome or over/under betting, there is information of other sort
that impresses players most of all. These are correct score fixed
matches. Here schemers do as follow: the shady people send to the
clients different information. One group of people receive
information about the score 1-0, another — about 1-1, and so on.
The same scheme, in general, can be used also in a case of the match

part of potential clients obtains information which is true, and has
been already hanging on a hook. I personally have made similar
experiments: I was writing from different accounts to such
“informants”, received different predictions for one and
the same match and have smoked them out.

the field for creativity this type of shady people uses South
American football: Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina. I don’t know
why, but such is the fact. Perhaps, they think that the football of
this region isn’t especially filled with money and for a worthy
life football players are forced to use fixed matches regularly.

are those who allegedly are future participant of fixed match that is
one of the players, of course, of home team. Or close companion of
the player. The imagination is rich, however in general the scheme is
the same and doesn’t change for many years.

will underline 3 rules which will save you from such fraud as “fixed
match prediction”:

Remember one simple rule as dogma: there
is no information on
on the Internet! It is only the beautiful fairy tale and an attempt
to turn this fairy tale into life will finally lead you to financial

If you have managed to bet money on a pseudo-fixed match pay nothing
even in case of a winning. You only had the lucky! If you were given
information on exact football match score you have risked and have
bet on it money and have wonderfully won, it means only one thing:
today is your day! Don’t come across a hook at all. And it will be
better not to communicate with them at all!

Don’t test “informants”. Most often they, of course, will
fail with “100 winning fixed matches tips”, however you can
choose their happy day and will start to doubt. But this is always
only a lucky coincidence. They were just lucky!