Horse racing arbitrage betting

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Statistically, the bets on one horse race are accepted on average in the sum more than $3 million. Of course, the races can be even over $10 million and less than $50 thousand – the popularity of a horse race depends on participation of the famous favorites and the venue.

Also the important cause of popularity of earnings on horse races is the time of earning some profit. Judge for yourself, horse races are carried out within 3-4 minutes every day and hundreds of races per day are held yearly.

So, how can you gain profit on arbitrage betting? The arb is the safe situation on horse races arising in case of inequality of coefficients proposed by bookmaker offices. For example, the bookmaker office Betfair has proposed the following coefficients of races: Lass Mercy – Nick Best 1.85 – 2.05.

William Hill has given the following coefficients 1.55 – 2.3. In this case the arb is observed. The bettor makes $100 bet on Lass Mercy’s victory in the first office (coefficient 1.85) and $80 on the victory of Nick the Best in the second office (coefficient 2.3).

As a result the total amount of bets was $180. In the case, Lass Mercy has won, $185 will go to the bettor and if Nick the Best – $184 will belong to the player.

Anyway, the player benefits but the truth is that the sum of the win is minimum, but such is the arbitrage betting strategy.

Earning slowly and gaining experience it is possible to carry out also larger operations in future.

It is necessary to follow the following moments while practicing arbitrage betting:

  • the sum of transactions on horse races has to be not less than $100 thousand as only in this case arbitrage betting strategy can bring any profit;
  • choose the horse race run not less than 2 miles long;
  • make sure that the coefficient of the favorite is no more than 6 units.

By the way, the horse racing strategy are constantly being improved, moreover you are able to point out some moments which will bring some profit while tracing the horse races.

To be always on the roll, you have to check as much as possible information considering bets, strategy and races. As they say, who possesses information – that rules the world.