How to beat the bookies?

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order to beat the bookies regularly you have to learn about the
principles of their work. You should choose the correct betting
strategy and strictly follow it. In this case, the chances to win
regularly significantly increase.

Are the bookies
honest with you?

desire of people to win without producing any goods are natural.
More than that, those who practice betting consider that they are
making they living by using the head as they think over every
bet, analyze the outcomes of past competitions. But bookies are
not as simple as people consider them to be. Otherwise , it would
be useless to open such unprofitable business. The bookies are
not sponsors! Although they can’t be accused of fraud, it is
not possible to win using their rules. And you can’t also
dictate your own rules to them. So, what should you do?

How to beat the bookies?

The main principles
of the work of bookies

the fact, that sports betting is not officially referred to as
gambling, the principle of the work of bookies don’t differ greatly
from the work of casino. Everything is the same: someone wins at the
expense of others. And the one
who wins is
very often the

unlike the casino, the sincere fans of sports and fans can rely only
on their own knowledge as the profit here depends on the ability to
choose professional sportsmen. Everything seems to be very simple:
the squad of the team, the place the game will be held at, the number
of victories. But this became the real trap for the bettor who really
believes that is able to beat the bookies.

is statistically proved, that regular profit has only 2% from those
who practice betting at bookies. What is the reason? In order to
clear up this question, it is necessary to understand the main
principles of this business.

coefficient is the mathematical probability of a given outcome. Let
us look at
one example.
Depending on the increase of a total sum of a bet,
for example, on team №1, the probability of winning by this team
increases and the coefficient decreases. If someone bet a huge sum of
money on team №2, the coefficient of the bet on the first team will
significantly increase and this fact won’t surely please the
bookmaker. The profit of the bookies is in building the probability,
but … First of all, the mathematical probability doesn’t always
correlate with the probability of reality. The outcome of the match
is influenced not only by the well founded opinion of majority of
people but also by many other factors. Even the week team on its home
field has some advantages. But the fresher comes and bet on the most
obvious, according to his opinion outcome. Conclusion: the
probability is increased by such “freshers”, and this attracts
other “freshers” and that is all what the bookies need!

thanks to the good work of the analysts the bookmaker usually lowers
the coefficient of one of the team in case of a probable draw,
allaying suspicions of the freshers. And this is a defeat, if only
the bookies don’t propose the handicap.

How to beat the bookies? | Gambling&Sports

it possible to beat the bookies in betting?

career bettors ensure that it is possible to beat the bookies. Of
course, we don’t speak about the magic tricks and miracles. The
experience is gained with the years and losses also happens. The main
condition is to forget about the luck and to be good at that kind of
sports which you have chosen. Of course, you can catch some luck but
relying only on it, you won’t earn a lot.

to beat the bookies?

In order to beat the bookies constantly, you need the strategy and need to follow these recommendations:

  • Never make huge bets. And the reason is not that you are risking to
    lose a huge sum of money. What is more important, you can be

  • If you have such possibility, use several bookies and with your
    friends and like-minded people. They can help to make a correct
    decision. Often change the gaming platforms. By doing so, you will
    gain an opportunity to get into solid bookmaker and not to be
    remembered by less solid.

  • Do not believe your own knowledge about this or that team. Use the
    data, gathered by the analysts. Our website proposes you free
    betting tips and paid betting tips made by our best experts. Betting
    tips made by our analysts will really help you with the football
    betting. If the bookmaker proposes high or low coefficient on the
    victory of one team, there is strange behind that proposal. To make
    sure, check this coefficient at the websites of other bookies. It
    would be better if these will be European, Asian or American
    bookies. If the coefficients differ greatly in other bookies, then
    the bookmaker wants to cheat you. Use this fact to cheat it!

  • Learn how to determine artificially lowered coefficients and don’t
    make bets on them. You can learn to do this by getting deep
    knowledge in a definite kind of sports, by learning how to use
    analytical reviews, by comparing the coefficients proposed by other
    bookies and by taking into consideration the peculiarities of the
    forthcoming game. We will speak about the analysis of the
    coefficient a latter.

  • Fear the draw outcome. If you look through the lines that are
    proposed by the bookies, you will see that the draws usually have
    high coefficient and the number of bets made on them is little. That
    is because, more often the victory of one of the teams is considered
    but not the draw. But is happens rather frequently and brings profit
    to bookies.

  • Read bookies reviews. It is practically impossible to meet an honest
    bookmaker. But there are some bookies that are trying to save their
    reputation and not to frighten their clients. That is why detailed
    reviews will give you some information concerning this or that

  • Join several
    specialized forums and forms of the players on totalizer. This will
    help you to exchange information, to learn on others mistakes and to
    form your own strategy.

Technical and
manual analysis of the coefficients

don’t fear the holly water, but they fear the services that propose
predictions on forthcoming competitions and the analysis of market.
Before making a bet you should look for statistics and check the
coefficients at these services. Who has
information, wins

analysis is done with the help of special analytical services and
daily data renewal, search filters and saving of data from past
games. With the help of such services it is possible to analyze the
movement of the coefficients, to predict their changes and to find
technically increased coefficients.

is not easy to find the increased coefficient manually. Difficult
but possible.
Never be sure in the services that use technical
methods of data processing. This reliability
comes with
experience. In order to
find manually the coefficient it is necessary to learn about the
outcomes of previous competitions, spent by both teams, to build the
coefficients movement’s chart and to calculate independently the
possibility of victory.

Technical and manual analysis of the coefficients

of beating the bookies in online-betting

the one hand to beat the bookies online is much easier as it is
possible to watch over the course of game and to predict its outcome.
But from the other hand, the rival in this battle is an experienced
bookmaker that can really confuse the bettor by the increasing and
decreasing of the coefficients.

development of the game and its dynamics, the number of penalties,
knowledge of the team’s squad, progress or laying behind of one of
the teams seem to be undoubtful and can turn the head. This pushes
the bettor to unreasonable bets or to the increase of sum.
Observation skills are

forget that you will be noticed!

bookies are not happy when they have to pay the big sums of money to
their clients. It often happens that it is possible to hit the
jackpot only once. At the best case, you will be asked not to visit
this bookmaker any more politely. And online bookies will block your
account without any explanations and you won’t see your money.