How to become a successful sports bettor?

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A lot of sport fans are fond of sports betting. But not all of them can earn and the absolute majority of the players will lose their bankroll. It is necessary to follow several rules in order to be successful bettor.

First of all, it is necessary to define why you are going to make bets. Some fans are making bets just for hazard and to make TV broadcast of sport events more interesting. Others consider sports betting to be additional or even main source of living. In this case it is necessary to follow some principles and betting rules.

You must be sure that you won’t regret losing you deposit in case of a failure. Don’t give a half of you salary to bookmakers as psychologically it will be very difficult to make right bets and to follow the chosen strategies.

At first, we advise you to bet only on one or two championships. This will allow you to learn in details the gaming opportunities of each of the teams, their gaming styles, peculiar traits of home and away matches and so on. It is better to learn in details in one or two championships than so-so – in many. It will help to make your sports betting more profitable.

In case of losses, you shouldn’t try to win back immediately. This is one of the main mistakes of the freshers who having lost one or some bets are trying to bet one more in order to win their money back. And the negative emotional feeling because of the lost bets interferes with the process of critical thinking and this leads to new losses.

You should stay calm even if you lose as this is quite natural. Even the most successful bettors experience a series of losses. You should always remember that you will surely experience success after this. And, of course, you should control you bankroll. You have to use not more than 5% of the sum of your bankroll as even the most reliable predictions can lead to money loss. It is better to increase you bankroll gradually.

We advise you to follow some strategies. There are a lot of strategies and you should choose the most appropriate. You should test them on a shit of paper.

Freshers should avoid accumulators. The question is that on every event bookmakers propose the margin about 5%. If you bet on accumulators, then the margin will rise and it would be very difficult to win over bookmaker. You should use singles.

Also, don’t bet on clear favorites with low odds on victory and popular matches which attract a lot of players. Bookmakers usually propose low odds on such events and this doesn’t contribute to earning money. If you have enough money, you should open several accounts in different bookmakers and choose the bookmaker which proposes the best odds.