How to earn on corners in football: 5 new tips

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Corner is one of the kinds of standard positions in football. Generally speaking, corner betting is rather unusual and exotic among bettors. The matter is that very few people are capable of analyzing the game so well that to draw a definite conclusion on the number of corner shots. Let us look at two main advantages of such predictions.

Possibility to make a bet prior to the match or you can choose live betting. You can make you corner bet by the course of the game. For example, you have noticed that the match is full of a huge number of shots on goal and an open style of game. In this regard you can make prediction on a large number of corners. If the number of such standards is still low, than the coefficient can surprise you.

Mistakes made by bookmakers. It is more difficult to make proper predictions on corners than, for example, on goals or outcomes. That is why small mistakes will occur constantly and you, in your turn, can earn in this fact. No matter how the bookmaker wants, it won’t be easy to pay much attention on corners and that is why you can gain an advantage over the bookie.

So, let us determine what you need to know, learn and bear in mind for profitable corner betting.

You have to study out terminology and definitions.

You have to understand that there are different kinds of corner bets. For example, individual or general total, common or Asian handicap, odd/even, interval betting – if you do not understand all these terms, forget for a while about bets and learn all these definitions. It’s no use in betting, if you don’t even understand which will lead you to the win.

Analysis of teams’ gaming style.

It is possible to write dozens and even hundreds of pages on this theme. But our article is limited in volume and that is why we won’t describe all details. You can get acquainted with how the gaming styles affect the number of corners on different football resources. But you have to understand that the teams which are playing from the wings, receive more corners than the teams which are building their attack from the center of the field.

Tournament factor and motivation of the teams.

The more important the tournament is and the more competitive the rival is the less, as a rule, is the number of corners in the match. Teams are playing very careful and are trying to minimize the number of dangerous positions near the gates. At the same time, too great difference in the level of the teams can lead to the fact that the favorite will be holding risky game and earn many corners.

Do not forget about statistics.

In case of the corners statistics is even more necessary than while predicting goals and outcomes as the average number of these standard positions will define the correct opinion about all risks and profits of each concrete prediction.

The factor of bookmaker.

Not all gambling houses propose a wide range of corner bets. Some of them are limited with total betting, others don’t include them in their lines at all. If you consider this kind of football predictions profitable, you need to choose the bookmaker that proposes a good choice of these bets.