How to make money from bookmakers: important principles for stable profit

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Before you choose the betting style we recommend you to look through the nuances of the main strategic models (flats). Today 4 kinds of flats are known: static, aggressive, academic and chaotic. It is worth looking through all of them one by one.

  • Static flat betting recommends the players to make bet with 1% from the initial deposit. If the account has $200, then the sum of each prediction should be equal to $2. You mustn’t violate this rule. Of course, such strategy won’t bring you good money but can help the freshers to understand the matter and the peculiarities of betting.
  • Aggressive flat betting presupposes fixed bets in 3% from the initial bankroll. If the bankroll consists of $200, then each prediction should be divided by $6. This strategy will suit experienced tipsters.
  • Academic flat betting is considered to be the mix of previous two. Its main condition is the bet from 1 to 3% from the bankroll. The player chooses what sum of money to bet on but in case of $200 bankroll, the sum of one prediction should not exceed $6. The minimum line is $2.
  • Chaotic flat betting is a typical strategy of a tipster-beginner, who hasn’t yet understood the essence of betting. Such players are making bets with unstable size. If you want, you can bet 10%, 50% and even 100% from your bankroll. There are no limits in finance in this case.

It doesn’t matter, what kind of flat you choose, you should follow some definite rules:

  1. It is not recommended to increase the size of the bets after a series of successful bets. There is no white stripe in betting and that is why successful series can stop in any time. So, the player can lose even more money if we compare with the amount that was gained from successful predictions.
  2. If you lost than it is forbidden to make bet in the near future. Any person needs some time to think over the mistakes. Otherwise you can make risky bets on large sums of money.
  3. The size of the bet should be equal to the definite % from the initial deposit. It is forbidden to estimate it by the size of the current bankroll.

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