Infoglut: how one news can change the coefficients in bookmaker

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Now there are special services which automatically correct the line. And in this case the imbalance in bets shouldn’t necessary exist.

Any important information can initiate line movement. The values of totals and odds can be changed. It is especially obvious in basketball.

For example, bookmakers propose an odd on favorite -5,5 points and +5,5 on an underdog. Both coefficients are equal 1,9. For bookmakers it is ideal if on every of this outcomes the same amount of bets will be made.

In this case it will get sure profit that depends on a size of a margin. But any important news (the traumas of leaders, the change of tactics, etc.) can initiate the advantage of one of the bets.

For example, information that has lowered the chances of an underdog was published. And in that moment all witness active bets on favorite. Imbalance has been forming.

Even if a bookmaker is not accepting the bets on this event it has to secure from such imbalance.

There are two variants to lower the coefficients on favorite or to increase handicap (-). Both these steps will create favorable conditions for more rational distribution of the bets.

The process of adjustment occurs on a stage of line building. In this period, professional cappers know all important details of the forthcoming match but the bets limits are very low.

Thus, bookmakers have a possibility to create the accurate line under the vast majority of bets.