Iran vs Portugal free betting tips and predictions 25.06.2018

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Pre-match information:

Place: Russia. Saransk. Mordovia Arena.
Date: on the 25th of June, 2018 (Monday)
Match start: 19:00 (GMT+1)
Tournament: FIFA World Cup Russia 2018, group B, 3rd round

Carlos Queiroz vs Fernando Santos

On the 25th of June, Monday 25, at 19:00 (GMT+1) in Kaliningrad and in the capital of Mordovia – Saransk will be held the matches of the last round of group B. But, if on the Baltic coast of Kaliningrad the total advantage of Spain in a match with absolutely unmotivated national team of Morocco doesn’t raise any doubts, then in Saransk which is located at a distance of 1900 kilometers from Kaliningrad the favorite is not so clear.

First of all, for many years the famous Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz is the head of Iran and knows the game of defending champions of Europe not worse than the current coach of Portugal Fernando Santos. And secondly, unlike the national team of Morocco which has already lost the tournament motivation, national team of Iran at Mordovia Arena is eager to fight for the title. Possible victory of Iran in a match with Portugal moves the team of Carlos Queiroz into the first round of the playoffs.

Sochi or Moscow?

First of all, let’s remember the current situation of the leaders. Prior to the last third round Spain and Portugal have four points and 3 points has Iran. And in the last round Portuguese and Iranians are playing with each other.

We will remind you that the winner of group B will go to the main arena of the FIFA World Cup – to Luzhniki where in the first round of the playoffs will fight against the vice-champion of group A (Russia or Uruguay). In its turn, the winner of group A will go to Sochi, on Fisht arena where will fight against the vice-champion of the second quartet.

So, what do we have now? If now the coaching staff of Portugal doesn’t take into consideration to what city from Saransk the champions of Europe will go further, to Moscow or to Sochi, then in the forthcoming match with Persians Fernando Santos’s team will be pleased even with the goalless draw which will send it to Sochi.

Bookmaker coefficients on the match Iran vs Portugal

According to the top-list and to the current tournament position of the rivals, the defending champions of Europe are considered to be quite obvious favorites of the forthcoming fight in the capital of Mordovia: Iran – 6.50, Portugal – 1.60.

Match prediction

During the last match with Spain, the national team of Iran has played in nine full backs at one nominal forward. Telling the truth, in this match Carlos Queiroz ‘s team has used so-called “bus”, that is, a powerful defensive redoubt which Diego Costa has managed to destroy only at the beginning of the second half.

Now the situation has radically changed as this time Iran needs the victory. Therefore no “bus” will occur. On the contrary, right now Cristiano Ronaldo and the company, unlike Furia Roja will get some space for fast counterattacks.

Our tips: Portugal to win – odds 1.67 Asianodds