Japan vs Senegal free betting tips and predictions 24.06.2018

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Pre-match information:

Place: Russia. Yekaterinburg. Yekaterinburg Arena.
Date: on the 24th of June, 2018 (Sunday)
Match start: 16:00 (GMT+1)
Tournament: FIFA World Cup Russia 2018, group H, 2nd round

The main sensation of the World Cup

If at the beginning of this week such events couldn’t be even imagined, then after the won victories in the first round the forthcoming fight of Japan and Senegal has at once turned into the central match of group N. Now the teams of Akira Nishino and Aliou Cissé have three points. Thus, the winner of this pair for 90% guarantees the getting into the 1/8 finals.

Why on 90%, but not for all 100%? The matter is that the modern regulations of the World Cup differ considerably from the conditions under which the qualification of top teams into the first round of the playoffs of the Champions League and Europa League happens. In frames of the World Cup with the equality of points, the best difference of the scored and missed goals becomes the most important minor factor.

And now one example! Let’s imagine that Senegal and Colombia will win over their rivals in the second round in group N. In this situation prior to the decisive matches of the third round Senegal will have six points and Japan and Colombia will have 3 points.

Different regulations of top tournaments

And if now the regulations of the Champions League, which are so habitual for us were working, in which with the equality of points the result of a head-to-head became the most important, then the team of Aliou Cissé after the possible victory over Japan would already ahead of schedule get into the first round of the playoffs.

And now imagine – prior to the third round Senegal has six points and the teams of Japan and Colombia have three.

However, then on the 28th of June in Volgograd Japan will win over absolutely unmotivated Poland. And at the same time in other Volga city Samara Radamel Falcao, Juan Cuadrado and their team mates will ruin Senegal. And after these victories at once three national teams will have absolutely identical quantity of points. And here we will have to count the scored and missed goals of each team.

Bookmaker coefficients on the match Japan vs Senegal

Of course, now there is no guarantee that the team of Aliou Cissé will have one of the best goal difference. For this reason possible victory of Senegal over Japan doesn’t guarantee an early getting of Sadio Mane, Kalidou Koulibaly and their team mates into the first round of the playoffs. Though in the forthcoming match the chances of Senegal for total success are much higher: Japan – 3.56 (51/20), Senegal – 2.26 (63/50).

Match prediction

We will remind you that the starting victory of Japan against Colombia (2:1) has been gained thanks to substantial assistance of the Slovenian arbitrator Damir Skomin who on the 3rd minute has left José Pekerman’s team short-handed and at the same time has awarded a penalty.

But the victory of Senegal over Poland was quite deserved (2:1). Of course, comparing the level of the game of current rivals in last matches, our choice is obvious.

Our tips: Senegal to win with the handicap (0) – odds 1.61 (61/100) Asianodds