Main advantages and disadvantages of tennis betting

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Tennis is considered to be second by its popularity kind of sports among the cappers. Especially tennis matches among those tipsters who prefer on-line betting are popular. The matter is that in tennis match the events are happening much quicker and rapidly than in football. That is, the tipster can make more bets.

Tennis betting. Advantages and shortcomings.

Tennis betting has some advantages and shortcomings. Let us study some advantages of tennis betting.

  1. The largest number of comebacks during one match. Someone can say that it isn’t an advantage but rather disadvantage of tennis betting. But experienced handicappers often make bets on the tennis players who are losing and they really win great sum of money by the end of the match.
  2. To trace the physical condition of the player is much easier. If in team kinds of sports the tipster has to trace physical and psychological conditions of several players, then in tennis everything you need is to work with two sportsmen.
  3. Tennis is played all year round. Football or basketball seasons are interrupted by winter or summer shoulder seasons. Even on New Year Eve there are some middle level tournaments that is you can make bets almost every time.

Tennis betting has also some disadvantages. These are:

  • Time of the beginning and the end of the match is indefinite. The majority of the kinds of sports have definite time limits. For example, football is played for 90 minutes, hockey – one hour. Tennis matches don’t end by the whistle of the referee but after the victory of one of the players in decisive set. There are cases when one match lasted several days due to the fact that the equal rivals can’t determine the strongest tennis player.
  • Tennis matches largely depend on weather. Some tennis tournaments are indoor but the majority is outdoor. It may happen that the bet will be playing for several days till the rain stops.
  • Mental and physical overstrain and trauma of one of the tennis player can influence on the success of the prediction. If basketball players will be injured than he will be replaced, but the injured tennis player will have to stop playing. In such situations some bookmakers won’t return the sum of your bet, having considered it to be lost.

Successful tennis betting. Types of bets and secrets.

The most popular tennis bet that is proposed by all bookmakers is the bet on a winner. The majority of bookmakers propose to bet on the winner of the set. A lot of bookmakers give an opportunity to prognose totals, handicaps and definite score of the match by the sets. Among unusual bets we should mention bets on the winner of each game or on maximum service speed. If you ask a question :”What bets to use?”, professional cappers answer definitely: “You should bear in mind type of court, physical and psychological conditions, the status of the tournament and motivation of the rivals”.