Make a living through sport betting – myth or reality?

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We propose you to look at one example of the bet which allows you to understand whether making a living through sport betting is a myth or reality?

We will take total betting as an example – the number of points in one time or match and also handicap betting – advantage of one of the rivals, expressed in points. Very often bookmakers propose similar coefficients on absolutely different outcomes.

For example, bookmaker proposes coefficient 1.9 if both teams will manage to gain more than 180 points and the same coefficient if the number of points will be less.

Of course, it is possible to find the bookies which will propose even higher coefficients. But an average bookmaker gives around 1.9 on equal chances.

If the player makes $1 bet on 100 similar events that in case he wins he will get $0.9 and loses $1. So, it is possible to calculate the % of breakeven result of events: 100/1.9=52.6.

So the player should win in 53 bets out of 100 made in order not to lose money. Bearing in mind these mathematical calculations, we can understand that it is possible to earn your living on sport betting.

You should bear in mind that many players with the course of time are building their own methods of determining the event outcome chances.

If the % of won bets is 63-65% (this is the number of very successful cappers) than the income can be: 64%*1.9-100%=21.6% from the sum that was invested.

In terms of long-run period this will mean that the profit from initial sum of money can be even equal to 100% per month or quarter.

For example, if the player makes bank deposit or any other investment very rarely he can be proud of such profit.

So, making earning through sport betting is a reality and a lot of people earn good money on it though without loud display.

By the way you should pay attention on NBA in order to make use of proposed method. Duration of NBA season is 5.5 months, and every day on average 7-8 matches are played.

You can choose you own betting rate, falling back on a probability of future profit and financial possibility.