Netherlands – Sweden free betting tips and predictions 10.10.2017

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FIFA World Cup – qualifiers

start: 20:45 (GMT+2)

the 9th
round of the qualification campaign for the FIFA World Cup Russia
2018 Netherlandsand Sweden had gained important victories but the
chances of these teams for getting into next stage are really
different. Now Sweden has +19 at difference of scored-missed goals,
and Holland has +7. The difference of gained points is +3 in favor of
Sweden. As a result, to get into the World championship
Netherlandshave to win over Sweden with the advantage of minimum 6
goals and in this case everything will be decided either upon the
number of scored goals or in case of equality of this factor on held
meetings. But the winning of the game with the difference of 7 and
more goals will ensure Holland the getting into the World Cup (in
case the team won’t get the last place among all teams that had
taken the second positions in their groups).


we see the team of Dick Advocaat needs the miracle to gain successful
outcomes. Terrible performances of Holland at the beginning of
qualification campaign had led this nice European team to sad
position at the tournament bracket and practically ruined all chances
for getting into the World championship.


in mind the fact that Sweden can face real massacre during the game
against Netherlandsthis team has ensured itself fantastic advantage
in terms of difference of scored-missed goals over opponents having
won over Luxembourg with the score 8:0. As a result, defeats with the
score 1:4, 0:4, 0:5 are not terrible for Sweden. Also the moment of
distribution of the positions of teams that had taken the second
places in their groups is very important and in case of huge defeat
Sweden can take 9 position from 9 teams.


are great doubts that Sweden will try to play actively but Holland
has nothing to lose. That is why we wait for goals scored by both

teams to score (yes) – odds 1.53